Current government does not amend the constitution : Dan Bahadur Chaudhary Kurmi

Coordinator, Province 5, New Force Nepal Party

What is the New Force Party doing now?


The party had not performed well in the recently conducted elections. Because our party was new, we were not taken the election symbol. However, we went to the election by taking other party's election symbol and we were able to win one in the center and two seats in the state. Now we have gone to the organization. Recently we held meeting of constituencies 1 and 2 in Lahan. The political training program was organized. This is our goal to make at least a committee at all local levels.


What issues the party raised during training?

Now we are doing things that strengthen the organization in the past five years, as we strengthen the organization, as a volunteer force, to take the party. According to this, training programs are being carried out in different places. Once the training program is completed, we make a committee in each village and municipalities.


 The attraction in the party is lost, what does it mean?


In fact, this is true. The then Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda was also surprised to see the size of the party in that time, according to the fact that our party was formed. The election symbol was not provided to our party as it was the main center that Prachanda had fear with us. Our party suffered a lot of damage due to the election symbol. It is our slogan to make the country prosperous by learning the lessons from the elections and by making economic prosperity as alternative power. Now it is a slogan for all that the nation does not need the political change but economic change and prosperity is needed. Accordingly, our friends also joined a federal member meeting in Lumbini for development of infrastructure. As per the decision there are currently state-level training programs. We are able to strengthen any party and we are able to. This is our country. So specially, we are looking forward to training affiliate organizations.

The party had not shown an active role in the election and now the party's powerful leaders are still missing? Why would this happen?


 This is natural. There was a weak presence in local elections. Our presence in state elections and central elections did not improve. Something is not wrong now. New Force can come as an option. I believe that the country gets the exit from the New Force. There is no confidence in the public to get the exit from the government of the left alliance. The New Force would emerge as an alternative force. Apart from this, our workers believe that there is no other party in the country. We are moving forward by making the organization a major base.

 What do you think that why the influential leaders of your party quit?

 We knew that some friends go from where they came from. But all are not same. Most of friends are with us and they are working for organization. Now we are going to make the organization a smart. I believe that we will be standing firm in the upcoming election.

 Now the left coalition is becoming a government and how does it look at the overall politics of the country?

Although the left alliance has announced that the party is united, it has not been able to do so yet. This was a ploy to make the government. The people have no faith on UML and Maoist Center to unite because now two parties are being formed. People in Nepal have never received hope from the two, three parties in the government. This has happened from the previous government and does not give anything special to the present government. The people have come to the government only to give false assurance.

 You are saying that this cannot be exhausted from the government?

The type of slogan they had given is not going to go like this now. Only the government is going to do what to do. Government is coming only to build. People are still getting up like the past.

 The current government has taken the demand of constitution amendment of Madhes-based parties positively. Whether the present government should amend the constitution according to the demand of the Madhes-based parties?

 I do not believe in the current government to amend the constitution. Because all the leaders present in the 8-point agreement were present during the People's Movement of 062-63. There have been various movements in the country and there has been a deal every time. Even today it is assuring Madhesi parties to show that this left alliance is not just the government. They are cheating the Madhesi people and parties. I believe that our Madhesi party partners do not suffer from such frauds. The people are getting the majority of fake nationality. Because they are abused by the abusive majority today, I do not believe that the abusive person addresses tomorrow's demands.

 The Madhes-based team gave the vote of confidence, but how much can the Oli government keep in mind?

We have seen repeatedly. What is the meaning of the word 'Madhes' in the current government, especially what has happened to maximize nationalism is all clear. I do not have to talk much about it. I do not know how the Madhesi party leaders believe. But if the task of repairing is done, the state has formed Madhesi parties in Province 2 there is a betrayal on the people.


Published Date : 12 March, 2018, Monday


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