Madheshi parties unlikely to join govt before PM’s visit to India : Ajay Shankar Nayak

Leader, CPN Maoist Center

Where has the process of bringing the RJP and Forum to the government? 

It is heard that they are ready to come to the government, but the ministry’s share has not been met. Otherwise, there may be no political content. There is also a change in the amendment of their constitution. It is not clear that the RJP and Forum has not made concrete conclusions and it is not clear that the amendment of the amendments is also clear from the government.

 How much is the possibility of bringing the RJP Forum to the government before the Prime Minister’s visit to India?
I do not see the possibility before the Prime Minister’s visit.


Do not find political content solidly and do not find the ministry they seek. It is a problem to bring the government to two issues.

 The first 11-point demand of the RJP and Forum is that even now come new demands?
Until the Prime Minister, President’s election, they have not come to any media to amend any political agenda or any demands. It is not indirectly discussed. The only amendment is to say. They have not told the government that they should amend this theme. It may have also been international politics. Considering the current power balance, there is no situation in our content. Some RPPs, who have to amend the constitution, have not said that they should amend the matter. Another interior is going to be the ministry. I do not know what is the first demand or the new demand because of no concrete content.

The main issue of the RJP and Forum has been saying that they have a main issue related to demarcation and release of imprisonment?
 It has also been said that the government should withdraw any issues. There is a state of thinking from the past that no disappointment is needed. There are also some cases of refund. Many of their demands are also fulfilled. The remaining issues arrive in the discussion.

After the RJP and Forum gave a vote of confidence to the government, then false allegations and imprisoned prisoners in the movement should be released, till then?
Tikapur is a matter of incident, and other similar issues are complex types of issues. Such incidents have been very disturbed. The government might think this too. Earlier, Prachand’s government also made a lot of relief at that time. The martyr also made arrangement for compensation from the announcement. When Tikapur came to an event, he came and talked about it. There has been pressure from around and the government has also taken a little back. Right now, it takes place in the political way to take care of power balance by taking care of power balance, and if there is a serious political move, it will be good if everyone goes ahead with confidence. For that, the government should start homework. You might have been interfering in this context too. So, Resham Chaudhary went home to hunger strike breaking at the time of settled. The government might have made a perspective too. It should be done. But there should be no decision in the hurry. The decisions made in the hurry later work to frustrate and discourage. Keeping a good impression on all the areas do not have to do things frustrating the security body. The country is moving ahead politically and now the country is progressing in the process of development. By taking a message of mentality, I guess it takes a look.

What steps is the government taking on the issue of Resham Chaudhary?
The government has also made the topic of political discussion of Tikapur. Even if there is a peace deal, some of our friends are still living in prison. It’s a sad thing. Even after the peace agreement has been made, the court has yet to stay in jail even if the court decides. We also have to bear. To maintain the peace agreement of the country, in the political situation of the country, we are not going to end our peace agreement on the basis of development. We have to give international messages that we have respected the international law in a serious crime and will conclude the peace process here on its own discipline. We also have patience. We are also under the influence of the state side. This incident should have been linked in the same way. In the case of peace process, in the situation of speeding up the political stability, in such a way that there is no way of development, such events should not be reached in a hurry and conclusions. It should be politically pursued by mixing the time frame. It should end it as an intermediate issue with assistance from the international level. It should be done that we also respect international laws that we conclude in our subjects. An aggressive party is a problem in the RJP or forum. So they should not be afraid too much to see this topic. This issue also reaches conclusions shortly. Tikapur incident is also not concluded. So it’s a solution to our problem. If everyone thinks that the country takes the country to prosper, it is a solution to this problem and we must be courageous to look patiently. We should not decide on the other side by making decisions in the hurry and again. So RJP and Forum have also got the same way and the government may have started home work to resolve it.

What points are you doing to bring the RJP and Forum to the government?
 They feel like retaliating themselves. The RJP and the Forum are now talking about the government in a hurry, it is unfortunate for them. The reversal of the RJP and Forum itself is meant to be for Madhes. The written agreement now means that the Forum had to go to the government without anything else. Madheshi parties say that they should be called. They should not be snatched. They should walk in a political manner. They have been a written agreement to show in Madhes. If they understand the power balance and for the purpose of life they do not have to do so much drama. At some time, the RJP did not hesitate to hurry the Forum. From this Madheshi people get depression.


Published Date : April 2, 2018 Monday. 

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