Why we need India’s support in our constitution ?

Deep Kumar Upadhaya,Former ambassador to India

How successful is the visit of the Prime Minister of India?

The visit of Prime Minister KP Oli to India was positive. Diplomatic is such a subject, it is always positive.

So India's visit to Prime Minister should also be successful. The situation has changed and we hope to have stability in Nepal. India also has the need to improve relations with Nepal. For both Nepal and India, there could be a lot of things for economic prosperity but it could not happen. That should be improved.


 With the Prime Minister, the first visit is certain to India. This visit to India is just for formality or it would serve a new dimension between Nepal-India relations?

The visit of head of the state or head of the government should be based on the desire of two leaders, mutual harmony and faith.

Nepal should show art, skills and tactics in the interests of the country. We should expect that. We have to reduce the trade deficit with India. There are our old problems to send our products to India and this need to be settled. We would try to s that too. India is a big country and our problem could not be in its priority. So we must take India into confidence. Although India has shown goodwill that is a great for us. Now hope that we will go ahead by creating an environment of new faith.

I do not think Nepal-India relations reached at level of bitterness even during the time of blockade. Nepal and India enjoy people to people, history, religion, culture and traditions relations.

But if the leaders had doubts and they were supposed creating an environment of trust. We always blame others only. But to solve the problem, both Nepal and India should do the same attempt. Then only the relations would be the meaning.


How successful is Prime Minister by making India an environment of trust?

Even in the past, there was only one sided visits. Numerous visits were from Nepal but not from India to visit Nepal.

But after assuming the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India, a high level to Nepal was begun. This was positive step from India. I do not think the relations were soured.

The relationship was not spoiled but it should have given continue. Presently, India has seen the future in Nepal's political stability and prosperity and China also wants the same. So this is a big opportunity for Nepal. So we should have to balance relations with India and China properly.

There are issues mainly water like Pancheshwar, Arun.  We have many other plans too. But we can also complete what we have committed.


How does Prime Minister's visit to be analyzed?

Some sees Prime Minister's India visit with negative eyes while other sees with positive attitude.  But it must be waiting for some time to reach at the realistic stage on Prime Minister's India visit. Changes have come from the people's view. India is now positive about multi-purpose utility of water of Nepal. If we are able to use water for multi-purpose like drinking, irrigation, hydro power, not only Nepal but India also gets more benefit. Likewise, the issue of rail was also raised during Prime Minister's visit to link to Kathmandu. Although it was principally agreed but Nepal should have to support it and we do not allow any type of obstacles to bring Indian rail to Nepal. We should pay attention to these things. Nepal should play positive role to bring the relations with India on track. Because this is an obligation for both Nepal and India and making a better relationship between Nepal and India is the only option.


How does this visit help to improve the relationship between the two countries in the coming days?

There is no alternative of good relations and both countries should understand this. Again, diplomatically the visit of Prime Minister to India was success. But to know realistic success of this visit, we to wait for some time to know.

How valuable is this visit from India's point of view?

The political level of Indian government should be given a new dimension from Nepal's relations.

Especially in business sector, India is more developed and organized. Nepal should take benefit from this. We are ready to accept the delays from India.

This helps to increase bilateral relations. We should be aware that the time specified by addressing any problems that is intrinsically resolved will further increase the plans within the period.

Nepal has not talked about its internal issues. Is this Nepal's success or India's course correction?

There is a common thought in Nepal that most of us forgot that whether India has forgotten either Nepal is a sovereign country or not. But we should not remember about the thinking, hypothesis and resolution of a sovereign country.

We cannot resolve our internal problem in our home but we blame others. This was mistake done by us and we must correct this. If we correct ourselves, the friend like India does not have to speak in our internal matter. We ask that India does not support the constitution of Nepal but I say why India to support it.

Why we seek a support from others in a sovereign country?

How much of the suffering caused by some minor subjects while issuing the constitution. So we must clear our view that we always be positive for future by forgetting the past.


Published Date : 9 April, 2018 Monday. 

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