China still does not know Madhesh : Ram Babu Yadav

Member, HOR, Federal Socialist Forum

The 15-member team of the Federal Socialist Forum recently visited to China, what was the purpose of that visit?

All three levels of elections had concluded in Nepal. Through the elections, Forum emerged as the national party.Earlier, students, women and leaders visited for foreign trip.More UML and Maoists leaders visited more.After the election, there are only five parties having national status and one of them is the Federal Socialist Forum. It also formed the state government in Province 2.It is a party that is struggling for the prosperity of the country. Therefore, this party also taken the same place as the other party, making it a separate team by accepting China's invitation and went to the tour.


 What was the purpose of that visit?

The main objective of the visit was to establish a friendly relationship.How China has developed, how China's tourist, cultural, economic and agricultural areas have increased. During the visit we had shared about these areas of cooperation. The visit tour was very fruitful.


Do you say the visit was achievable?

China has progressed a lot in agriculture. In tourism sector,Madhes has a too lot possibility. But we have lack of sources. So we are considering how to take advantage from China and how to cooperate with China for the development of tourism in Madhesh. How could China get progress over 40 years and we also got a chance to study operations, law enforcement, good governance from the visit.This topic has taken interest in both sides of Nepal and China.


There should be talk to cooperate between Nepal and China?

China's strategy was to cooperate with Nepal which is still in force.China's policy is to invest more than 30 projects in Nepal and share only on profit. But these projects were left behind plain areas and projected in upper areas. We have also felt that China has changed its strategy, with the government formed in Province 2.It was understood by China that Madhes has suffered a loss of backwardness and there is a need to invest in tourism, agriculture and education.For that reason, it has been a pleasure to find our purpose. I think China too has gone ahead to invest in the Madhesh.


Especially China's projects are more focused on the mountains than in Madhes, so due to this it has accused China as a racist politician?

China's policy is based on what it is.The China-based policy-making center, China will not make any condition.China does not take the strategy to fund the budget by conducting this project.China always welcomes the government formed in Nepal.China has linked ties with Nepal but it is not the connecting with the Nepali people.China is not a racist in our point of view.If the Nepal government is inconvenient to Madhes, China does do.Nepal government has not made an environment of development in Madhesh neither for India nor for China.

Nepal Government has been blamed rather than blaming India and China. That mistake is corrected. This is the habit of ignoring Madhes.


Is there guilt in Nepal's government not in China's policy?

Yes, there is fault in our government. It was justified by the behavior of the government.Within our own country, we should seek its measures and we have followed the policy of our country.


This election shows that your party has a mandate in Madhes, how did you find Madhes in China in this regard?

Probably, China has already been realized that there are also Madheshi in Nepal but did not knew they are suffering.I think China does not know Madhesh.

If the people of India did not know that our ethnicity, language as there is a close relationship, how could China know more?According to the movement of 2062/063, the entire world is known only.In the times of Madhesh movement also, Madheshi reached at the border and after that China became very confused.But we were able to explain all the things in China during the visit and they were also positive.


Should China's policy have changed?

Previous, China relationship was only with the left, but it has changed now. China should not leave any party.The policy has to come up with all the national parties.China has established a relationship with over 400 parties in 165 countries.


How much do you see China's potential investment in Madhesh?

Chinese are interested to invest in Madhesh. But it depends how much of the state governments could trust.Another policy of China is that, it is not only happy and prosperous unless neighbors should also be happy and prosperous.It does a stable unless the neighbor should be prospering country.Therefore, the neighbor should help.If the neighbor's happiness helps peace, then the happiness will have peace.If the atmosphere of Nepal damaged, it would influence both China and India.There is a lot of investment in China. We also have the policy that we should take our neighbor together.


When you talked about political matters, did not they come to inquire about whether to go to the government?

Its sign had come and they are positive about it. But it is about the activities of representatives by the Madhesi people whether or not to go to government.


How is China's perception in favor of constitution amendment?

They are also positive in that matter.They know well what is wrong with our constitution. But they want to know whether the constitution is modified or not.But they have to show that the constitution should be amended by incorporating all.


When your party will go to the government?

That is the topic to depend on the prime minister. If only the government was just going to talk, it could have already been used. If there is no the guarantee of a faithful environment and constitution amendment, we would not go to the government.


Published Date : 16 APril, 2018 Monday. 

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