People have high expectation from CPN : Shiv Kumar Mandal

Central member, CPN

 How was the unification of two different groups of communists possible?

 First of all, we are communists.Although most Communist system in Nepal has a presence in mind and there is no opinion in spite of the fact that we are left-minded. In spite of the differences in some ideologies, we also have left-minded ideology and especially communist party in Nepal only to give stability, prosperity in the country. The past and present references have also been confirmed.It could be said that various groups in the country could not fulfill the expectations of the people while separating different groups, but when we stood in one place, we could only give results for ensuring the mandate given by the people, so the left wing of the Nepalese is not only a fate but only the aspirations of the people. It is possible to truly bring this direction towards the prosperity and development of the nation, because it is a party that has the potential to give meaningful meaning to nation and nationality.

There are still some left-handed situations. Although the powerful left UML and Maoist, which have shown strong presence in multi-party reactions and some time, the UML too has been established as the first party of this country and the Maoists also represented themselves as the first party, because the two parties would not meet the expectations of the people because of the responsibility of the left. There is also a responsibility. It is possible to integrate left-hand to ensure the responsibility of Communist's responsibilities.


How are the disputes within the party resolving after unification?

 What I think is that when parties get together in one place, it is very easy for us to come up with things because brothers and sisters in the same house cannot be found.Although there is a point of view of opinion, ideology, and functionality may vary, it is a lot, even though millions of people have their own thinking, different types of style. Even if I think so much, what can be left by at the time when it says keeping in the center and especially the Communist Party, who invited Madhesi, Muslim, farmers, of the country and all political agenda must be resolved politically and ideally as a party of essence. It is not possible to listen to a person's problem.

But by keeping politically, there is a need to solve the problem in principle. Do not talk about the point of view. It is all contradictions that you do not understand. No matter what the result is done. That is why there is a natural contradiction inside the party.


 UML and Maoist have their own ideas so how to include them it in one place?

 First, we call it a party of scientific ideology.We have trained ourselves on the basis of scientific thinking.How two streams could be mixed by the UML's multi-party democracy and the People's Revolution 21th Century developed by the Maoist's People's War and Lelin made it more prosperous in the past.Thus, the idea progressed gradually.Objective contradictions have changed because the contradiction is not the same. Therefore, there is also a creation and a solution. I think that Maoists would not only hold the people's democracy of 21st century and UML's people's multi-party democracy would not lead the society, world and country in the present context.

Therefore, to develop both in a new way and develop in a new environment is necessary. This is a topic of intense discussion between the two parties. We are no longer a UML or Maoist. Now we are a new form of Nepal Communist Party. That's why we'll go ahead with a new idea. It does not seem to be all agreed, it is contradictory.


 How is the international community watching this leadership?

 Nepal is moving ahead with the purpose of self-reliance.Because Nepal has survived as independency but it faced many kinds of allegations and accusation.So from that time Nepal's politicians, the Nepalese people are seeking identity of self-determination.

Therefore, the people of this country have given the responsibility of the government to the mandate given by the people to the left-hand government.So we have two responsibilities. First, to enrich and strengthen the country's nationality and even in the 21th century, natural disadvantaged, natural resources have not been able to develop but we have experienced the suffering of permanent people. Now the people have expectation of the end of the permanent pain.So, I feel that the left's victory over the majority of the party's government has the opportunity to work in public interest, and there is also a challenge.People want development, prosperity, stability, peace, and we stand in place of this day.Our party goes ahead with the preparation of this.

There was a situation that would have been interrupted by various types of interferences due to weak in the nation, and now it is not possible.There may be some conspiracy to not make this party strong, but we do not have the option to stand firmly on the nationality and public interest. That's why we move forward.


 What remarkable activities have this powerful party done to the people?

 The government's policies and programs is presenting on May 21.Theoretical matters have also been discussed.Policies and programs are yet to present and everything will be seen in the budget as now the government gives priority in which sectors.The government has to continue doing good things started by the past governments and improving the bad things.

In the process of managing natural resources, the work of one another has ended for the last five years of the end of the trend of thinking the other. That's why new policies and events come so that you will be able to see it soon.


Published Date : 21 March, 2018 Monday. 


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