Province 5 will be oriented towards economic prosperity : Umakant Jha

Chief, Province 5

You become the Chief of the Province for 5 months, how are you experiencing?

 I had taken oath and secrecy on Magh 5. During this period, we had the status of people's representatives were elected through the provincial assembly and local level elections to implement the constitution. As a Chief of province, provincial members tool oath from me. Despite the election, there was no work of dreaming and we embarked on its implementation. We welcomed the senior members of the provincial assembly. Similarly, the province assembly elected Speaker and Deputy Speaker. On the basis of majority, the leader of UML elected as Chief Minister.

According to this, the provincial assembly is also conducting its regular programs. Laws are drafting. Similarly, we have brought the policies and programs of the government.


How satisfactory is the government's work of the province 5?

 This period has also been approved by making the necessary laws for operating the state government. The programs for the next financial year would be in preparation. The state government has brought good policies and programs. Because big projects have been discussed in policy and programs and especially in this area, the big projects are also discussed. For example, the construction of big and small irrigation projects has been mentioned from the construction. Likewise, the industrial corridor from Bhairahawa to Butwal also included in policy and program. This corridor would be developed as industrial corridor and closed as industries would also be operated. In the tourism, the state government has talked about the development of areas including Nandani, Tilaurakot. There are also programs on how to increase the duration of the tourists here. It's a matter of continuity in another financial year. In agriculture sector especially to increase the agricultural productivity in the Terai districts as a campaign.

Things like operating campaigns such as to solve these issues are included in the program currently. In the coming financial year, things are going to discuss these issues with priority. I think it is the main tasks we need to do. Apart from this, programs, education, employment, and health are also ongoing. The condition here is satisfactory.


Is the progress of the Province 5 satisfying?

 Yes, administrative is also working perfectly.. People are also getting services at the same time.

 Province 5 also has brought policy and programs, what is the first priority in it?

This area is the area of ​​Buddha's birthplace. As Buddha's birthplace, world-class Buddhist believers come here and staying even one day. They only be enjoyed and blessed to find themselves. Bringing them here and keeping them in a comfortable manner, and other programs that are well-developed. A few years back, there has been a national level and international Buddhist conference. It is clear that it is important for Buddhists and for the region to be extremely enthusiastic.

 There is complaining from province chiefs from all seven provinces that they have not got rights from the central government. What is the situation in your province in this regard?

The central government has its own types of programs, policies, and the local government is also free to make rules and to advance its programs. The state government is also free to operate its programs. If we are in trouble now, we have the experience of conducting the center and also the experience of conducting local bodies. The state government is a new practice for us. There is a situation in the state to use the state. We have not yet been able to cooperate with the center and with the local level for the state. It is very important to make rules for these three layers and link them to the center and local level. If we can set up federal, state and local level division links, it can be relatively progressive in the development work. The efforts are being made for this.

 What tasks should be done by the state government to prioritize the slogan of prosperous Nepal Sukhi Nepali, which has brought by Prime Minister KP Oli?

 The prosperous Nepal Sukhi Nepali as the main slogan of the federal government and also the programs of the central government, the state government and the local government. To give meaning to this slogan, the main tourism has been given in State 5 if it is very important to keep it continuous.

 How is the coordination of the Council of Ministers and the Chief Office in your state?

 This connection is very good. The office of the state head should be done according to the constitution. In particular, activities from the state are the things to move forward on the basis of the constitution. The responsibility of providing representation is of the state head. According to that, the state head is playing his role and is also supporting the state government. According to the law, we have been moving ahead of the constitution as long as the programs have been done. There is no problem with it.

 After becoming a parent of Province 5, do you have a discussion with the Chief Minister when you do any work?

 He discusses with me. We have also discussed deeply about the policy building that we have built. In my old experience, I have also suggested advice. I have received advice from myself when I make a decision.


Do you think something to be added in a policy and program taken by the government of Province 5?

 There is a state of acceptance of policy building brought by the provincial government. If the federal government recognizes and establishing its strategic tourism areas, it will definitely promote international and external tourists and bring economic prosperity. Similarly, if the federal government initiates the agriculture and water resources by keeping it at the main focal point, certainly Nepal will be oriented towards economic prosperity.

velopment leader. But, at the same time, he should answer to those, who had claimed that the agreement on the Arun III is not in favour of Nepal as all electricity produced from the project should be sold to India according to the Power Development Agreement (PDA). In fact, it is former prime minister Sushil Koirala, not KP Oli, who had signed the PDA on the Arun III project. The interim government of late Girija Prasad Koirala had decided to award the project to an Indian company. But PMs Oli and Modi had jointly laid the foundation stone of the Arun III. Noted water expert Deepak Gyawali has claimed that it is ‘laying the foundation stone of colonisation.’ Now it is up to the nationalist government to debunk Gyawali’s claim.


Published Date : 28 May, 2018 Monday .

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