Agreement with Forum opened both the amendment and the movement : Rajendra Mahato

Leader, RJP-Nepal

How has RJP Nepal taken two-point agreement between Nepal Communist Party and the Federal Socialist Forum?
There have been dozens of martyrs in our hard and serious Madesh movement. We have taken the movement from the strike till the the blockade. The constitution had taken place for necessary reforms. However, according to the demands of that movement, no amendment has been made in the constitution. Unless the demand is complete, the movement continues. In order to address this demand, the ruling party has made written agreement with the Federal Socialist Forum and accompanied by the Forum Government.

 So, is RJP taken this consent in a positive manner?
v If any party has made any efforts in the right to amend the constitution, it should be taken positive. So, we have taken positive measures for the constitution amendment. This agreement should not be limited to paper only. We had made a compromise in the past several times but there were some implementation of the agreement but could not be implemented much deal. Therefore, this agreement with the Forum should not be kept in mind for the entry into the government, it should be aware that Forum Nepal because the people had mandated us for the constitution amendment.
Thousands of Madhesi have given died. Eve my head has broken in Biratnagar, thousands of our friends have been disabled, and others have suffered loss. The agreement with the Forum has not seen anyone’s face, and the government has compromised the agitation of the movement. The government was talking to us for the deal. We did not have the situation going to the government. So it was not possible to compromise with us. However, there was a compromise after Upendraji became the situation in the government. It’s nothing to say to us. The Forum had decided to go to the government three months ago. RJP’s elected lawmaker Resham Lal Chaudhary is currently imprisoned, how to go to the government? After that, our situation has not been made to go to the government. The agreement has been made to amend the constitution on the basis of justification and necessity.
Justification and need for revision, it should be done by the government to get the forum. Regarding the fulfillment of the demand, the RJP and Forum should be present jointly in the right to amend the constitution, which could not be made public.

 The two-point agreement has made a difference in the relationship between RJP-Nepal and Forum?

 With the consensus of constitution amendment, we do not get upset with the difficulty. That is our issue and if someone goes ahead for our issue, we would like it better. We have no concern with the participation of the government, but the worry is so that the agreement should not be used only as a go to the government. The agenda of constitution amendment has come from public sacrifice. This agreement has been tied to it. Implementation of that agreement should be seriously taken forward. The forum should make a stage to register the proposal of constitution amendment. We have the responsibility to pressure from outside, we are doing it. This two-point agreement also opens the path of constitution amendment and does not make amendments even if the movement of the movement has opened. Therefore, the agreement has been amended and the movement has been opened for us. If we are still deceived, nobody can stop us from going into a rigid and dreadful movement. Now there is a deal, the government has no excuse for two-thirds majority. As amended to amend, now prepare a revision proposal. There is no excuse for the revised government to amend the forum. Not only, against the government, but against people, Upendra Yadav is also forced to move.

Does this agreement affect any equation of Province 2?
 In the center of movement, the Forum has broken the alliance with us but nothing else. The next coalition is in Province 2. We have fought together and contested the election together and also formed the coalition government together. Now, they may know what the Forum does in it. We are ready to face all situations.


 What should it indicate that CPN withdrawing the support from government of Province 2 and two-point agreement with Forum at the same time?
v Even with withdrawal of support in Province 2 by CPN, there is also the majority of our government. There is no difference in mathematics. But the Forum alone joined with communist, so in Province, Forum will run the government with communist, Government may change and talk. We do not know that. The Chief Minister is from Forum, the same as the Forum will be presented. So depends on the subject including those who are not aligned or not aligned.

 Is it CPN strategy to break collaboration between RJP-Nepal and Forum by dealing the agreement?
In this regard, we can know the signature of our aggressive friend, Upendra Yada. It is our belief that the movement should not be broken at any cost until the demands of the movement are completed.
So, we did not compromise alone, we were waiting for the time, but Upendraji went alone to make a deal. After making the agreement making a revision proposal with sincerity and passes it.

Why RJP-Nepal has been kept outside of consent?
 I do not understand it too. The agreement to amend the constitution was to be done with the protesters. The movement is RJP and Forum. Answering this question, Upendra Yadav should answer. Government wants dividend and rule. Regarding the government ‘foot dalo and raj karo’ policy is always desired.

 It was heard that there is serious dispute inside RJP-Nepal?
 There are no issues of dispute. Those who see the dispute may be disputed themselves. Six parties have joined and made RJP. The party’s own organizations are coming back. We have not been able to integrate. Organizations are still different from the center to the village. It is natural that the party’s organization was slightly different from the front. There is no difficulty to work because there is no general convention. The worker has been relieved after not working. So, after work, there is a dispute. We are worried for this.


Published Date : 4 June, 2018 Monday. 


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