Observatory of Upendra (Editorial)

A month ago, when Federal Socialist Forum participated in the government, leader Rajendra Shrestha asked that the party is not keen to join in KP Oli-led government. He claimed that they would not go to the government unless the constitution was amended. However, just after one-month, Forum has been participating in the government of communist leadership for the constitution amendment. However, Shrestha’s efforts to take the party in the government meant that there should be amendment of the constitution.

The debate has begun whether it was appropriate to go to the government for the Forum which has been struggling for the constitutional amendment from long time. Similarly, the discussion has begun about the future of the Alliance Government, which has been formed by the Forum-RJP- Nepal in the Province 2. The coalition government of Forum and RJP-Nepal in Province 2 was also supported by then UML and CPN Maoist Center but after unification of left force, they withdrawn the support. There is no impact on Province 2 government led by Forum and RJP-Nepal jointly after withdrawing the support by CPN but dispute surfaced between Forum and RJP-Nepal after Forum’s participation in the central government.

After the Forum’s participation in the name of constitution amendment, it has also kept the politics of Madhes hot. Now, what does RJP do, how the Forum goes ahead, either constitution to be amended or not. But this cannot be answered easily. The political developments of the next few days will confirm this.


Forum’s present power journey after the seven years is also risky. There is no need to go to the government to amend the constitution or fulfill its demands. If the Forum would like to make such a reason, why did it not participate in NC, UML and Maoist government after the constitution drafting? If the demand was completed in the government, there would have been participation in the previous governments. But now it is not clear that the two-thirds of the obvious majority of the government’s going to the government and trying to convey the message. For Forum only the power is important and to be realized that there is real revision in the coming days.

There is no similar opinion between the Forum and RJP regarding a constitution amendment and there is no also working alliance between them. Both parties are raising different modifications. The name of this amendment, RJP is also seeking a way to enter in the government. The two parties fought together in Madhes’s case in the past, after the elections’ fresh mandates and political situation, why they have not gone together on the similar agenda? Time has come to seek such serious questions.

RJP also wants to be the principal consensus made by the ruling party regarding the amendment of constitution. As the agreement with the Forum Nepal has been with RJP, it seems to be easy to attend the government. Constitutional amendment require two-thirds majority and for this, the leaders of those parties who want to go to the government. They have not only sought the constitution to amend the Constitution.


Published Date : 11 June, 2018, Monday . 


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