Upendraji joins government just becoming minister : Allaudin Ansari

Vice President, RJP-Nepal

Although there is a completion of one year of the formation of the RJP-Nepal but there is no general convention. What are you preparing after the letter from the Election Commission to hold the convention by July?
From very early we are thinking to hold the party’s general convention. But it was delayed due to the elections. We formed the party with merging of six Madheshi parties. It is a matter of what we already think of. It is in the Act that it will be especially useful for adding 6 months. It should be done by adding 6 months to the time period. So far there is no preparation in districts. This can also cause a little delay.

How much it possible to hold the general convention as per the deadline given by the Election Commission?
We will do it and consult with everyone. The general convention does not matter to anyone. It should be formed from village to center.

Does your party add time?
Time can be added for 6 months.

Your party’s central committee has not been able to sit, even controversy appears in the party, why is it?
A group comprising 6 Madhesi parties has been formed. Everyone has their own thoughts. There is also dispute in Nepali Congress and Nepal Communist Party. Which party is not in dispute and then? In all the party, there is dispute and in our party too, but there is no controversy like the media said. We go together because we do not have any other option except to meet our goal. The goal is to accomplish it.

RJP-Nepal was formed after merging of six parties but it still seems like an alliance?
No, no. This is not alliance. I said that there is a dispute between in parties and it is also in our party.
As long as we do not solve the problem of Madesh and Madhesi, we will go ahead as well. If the enemies of each other like UML and Maoist joined together, then we are the party members in Madhes. Therefore, we do not go to this dispute together to proceed.


You cannot adjust your sister organizations even after one year. There are native organizations in the past form in districts, so did not it look like a front?
It is not so, in my district Nawalparasi the six parties sitting together. Not so in other districts. Our discussions are also with the sister organizations. The Central Committee meeting was delayed shortly. It is now going to be called to the sister organizations. A discussion is being made to make the central committee of the sister organization.

RJP only keeping the Province 2 in priority and ignoring other districts of Madhes abd other states, do you think that?
Especially there are all leaders from Province 2. Chairperson is also from Province 2. If we have not been able to work accordingly, we did not only find the post of the president. Nawalparasi, Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, Dang is from the area of Madhes till Kanchanpur. The government is suffering from accusing MP while talking to Resham Chaudhary. Our leaders are trying to release him. We do not go the government unless he is released. Now how you say that the RJP ignored the West. I do not believe it and we should be active ourselves. We should make our own home.


RJP seems weak in other districts than Province 2, why?
We had an impact, we did not go to the local elections in Province 5 and we boycotted. After we boycotted the elections, the MLAs were affected. If we have been in the local elections, we are not less than Province 2, but there is no reason for the election.


In other districts than Province 2, the party is not in good situation?
We were in competition with Nepali Congress and UML. We did not bring 18 thousand votes from Nawalparasi area so that how you asked the party is not in good position.

The CPN has also withdrawn the support of the RJP- Forum government. In such cases, do you have to withdraw back the support given to the federal government? What is your perception?
In the present situation, we do not even have to withdraw from the government and we do not take the support of the government anymore. In our present situation, we have our idea of supporting the government by sitting in the government. We did not compromise for the center. Province 2 has been compromised for the government. The Federal Socialist Forum, according to its opinion, has gone to the government, but later it is as if it loses itself.
If the opinion of Upendranji and Praandandji goes to the government, the opinion is only with us. Go to Province 2 and ask the party’s position how much weak. I believe that the reason why Upendra Yadav has gone to the government without discussing other leaders inside the party also gets a loss.


What is the main reason why RJP has not joined the government despite supported the government?
Resolution of our Madhes and Madhesi problem, demand of release of Resham Chaudhary is our main reason.

These demands fulfilled also by going to the government?
We do not think so now. People do not even demand.As long as the demand is not completed, there is a voice of the people that we would not join the government.


How reliable are you in the constitutional amendment by the participation of Federal Socialist Forum the federal government?
These are false things. This is the agreement that has been done. The deal has already been done before this. Upendraji is not going to the government to amend the constitution. His thoughts will be a part of the government, become a minister.
Another thing, he is a doubt about me, even before the communist ideology, he goes to the Communist Party. I feel that even after leaving all the problems of Madhes, Nepal is involved in the Communist Party.


Published Date : 11 June, 2018, Monday . 


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