RJP willing to join govt, Thakur says

Janakpur, 12 June : Coordinator of Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) Nepal Mahantha Thakur has revealed that his party was willing to join the government.

Talking to media persons in Janakpur Airport, Thakur said the aim of every political party was to join the government and the party was established with the same objective. Saying that his party was also formed to join the government, Thakur, however, added decision about the party's participation in the government was not taken yet.

He further said his party's stance for constitution amendment was however not changed for joining the KP Oli-led government.

Asked about party's role after Federal Socialist Forum Nepal's participation in the government, Thakur shared that Prime Minister KP Shamra Oli urged RJP leaders to join the government some days ago but the RJP leaders expressed their unwillingness to join the government until there was guarantee of constitution amendment.

Likewise, Thakur made it clear that his party would back the province government in Province No. 2 despite the participation of Forum Nepal in the central government.

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