Govt confused Madhesh on the name of amendment : Mahendra Yadav

Central member, Nepali Congress

 With the result of the Nepali Congress's election results, its hangover has still not ended in the party because the party leaders continue talking about defeat in the elections, what do you want to say?

 We have not imagined about two big parties' alliance in the past elections. Because of that alliance, Nepali Congress should come back. If the election of proportional representative election is seen, the Congress has got a good vote in comparison UML's election. It means due to our internal arrangements the party was defeated in the elections.

The Central Committee decided in a campaign to make the first party with the majority in the next elections, with the conclusion by discussing this matter with a comprehensive discussion. According to that, only one party should be united, some friends who attacked the party president and even attacked the lower level, which is not going to move ahead. How will the Nepali Congress leaders get up on such a high level, and how to unite, because if the Nepali people are still advised, the Congress should unite and it should not be united.


Whether the party has been able to find out the reason why it was defeated?

The party has decided to contest the party for almost one month and defeat the election. In the past, we have to be defeated due to the past and the united party, who have now joined the election.


Only left alliance was major reason for party's defeat?

The left coalition became the main reason as well as why it could not be managed within the party, it was the second reason.


Leaders are struggling at the same time to make the party more aware after elections, politics of factionalism seen in the party. Is this a political conduct of the big democratic party?


You're right. Actually, in the present time, the party should be united way. The leaders are talking by aiming the party's upcoming general convention after three years. Leaders know that Sher Bahadur Deuba is weak and weakened by the party and now that the leaders are weak if the party is weak, but they will be defeated. Sher Bahadur Deuba will be defamed and weakened and put all the faults to Sher Bahadur Deuba. Of course, that campaign is not good, the public and the workers are not interested.

So now this is our problem. Now that is moving forward to authoritarianism. KP Oli, who is now playing communist rule, is now running everything from power. The Nepali Congress can get the opportunity to stop it. No other party can. The Nepali Congress can only stop the country which is trying to bring KP Oli, Prachand to the country's colonialism or communist dictatorship.


Is the politics of the group seen within the Nepali Congress is the politics of never ending?


The politics of the group in Nepali Congress is not new. The politics of the group is going on by giving the name of the democratic, republic. But some leaders are now abusing the internal democracy in the party in the name of factionalism. The party who has won the leadership is also a group led by all who support or win within the Nepali Congress.

Like Sher Bahadur Deuba tried to take all together. But some friends cannot digest food if there is no group. Because they want to be a leader of group not a party. They know that they cannot live if there is no group. The party has started politics by not giving the name of the group to be united. Even though there was a lot of faction, we would not even make such a party weak, the weakness of the leader would not come. The president is still trying to join the party's weaknesses in factional factions.


Congress is blaming that the government has tried to bring authoritarian, it it true or Congress just in confusion?


After a long struggle in Nepal, after the armed conflict, after the peaceful people's movement, after the two CAs, we have made a new constitution. Federal democracy is the freedom to open parties in the democratic constitution, there will be parliamentary election of Prime Minister.

The first election has only been done. We have reached the constitution. Now, Prachand talked about the executive president system. KP Oli is taking all the strength in one place. There is no mention of the corruption two months after ministers have been appointed. On the other hand, the previous government does not leave the budget, that's why it's upset. The Oli government has been given 70 years of age to the elderly government of Deuba in 65 years. The age of Nepal is 70 years old. At the time of death, what should be done by giving old age, at least 5 years ago, at least those older people would have been spent for drinking water. We had given five thousand rupees per month that too could be removed. Because there is no money but the minister has made corruption but the government is silent. What does this show that they could not apply the communist rule to the country by legally Maoist armed war against the country? Now by the constitution given confusing the people, winning the election from the people, but the Nepali people know that Nepali people do not go beyond democracy. Is it confusion that the people bring communist rule by amending the constitution.


During the elections, Congress asked that the left coalition will bring authoritarian system in the country but people did not believe?


Yes, you are right. But sometimes the people also fall in confusion. We have also said that the 30 years of Panchayat system was wrong. The wrong system cannot develop the country. People cannot be citizens until the basic rights of the people are received. Where are the countries with us now but we struggled 3o years to remove Panchayat system. Now the UML and Maoist are communalizing Nepalese people in the name of nationalism. Madhes and Madhesi people have been abused and attacked on the mountain during the election time.

Our situation was creating a dump condition that KP Oli is not nationalist, but now by bringing Upendra Yadav in the government, showing false assurances, and bringing it to the government with the same Madhesi parties. Madhesi people have not got their rights. So sometimes it may come into confusion by the government, but the time is not always unusual.


Published Date : 18 June, 2018 Monday. 


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