PM’s China visit was not fruitful : Prof. Dr. Lokraj Baral

Expert, Foreign Affairs

 Prime Minister KP Oli visited China just after his visit to India. What is the message of China tour?
Our leaders are impressed that the Prime Minister should visit South and North as soon as possible. Even though it is good to take harmony or to protect the power, they will be able to go crazy. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also visited Nepal according to the change in relation to Nepal with some policy change. The context to North is slightly different. In 2016, Madesh movement was running while Oli was Prime Minister, India imposed the blockade and it was spread confusion that support Madheshi community.
At that time KP Oli tried to prove himself as a nationalist image leader, and gave him the feeling that he should not be dependent on only India in trade, transit, road and other development issues. Meanwhile, China also expressed the views that Nepal could be able to support the railways, and this was done by KP Oli. This nationalist image, KP Oli has been easy to conquer the election and to build a government. KP Oli has visited China after two communist parties’ integration, due to its own reason. But this visit has not got any such achievement. There was a general meeting.


 It means, this visit have nothing to achieve?

 The subject of the railway is seen as the main achievement, but the Nepali needs that if the railway gives food here, does not give it, whether the Nepalese people remove the poverty or remove it, it is another party that does not change Nepal. I have been exploring the whole railway, the whole development of the railways in the shadow. Even if goods come from railways in China, it cannot replace India’s goods. Geography also makes us close to India. We cannot replace it. So, I have taken generally to visit Prime Minister Oli of India and China. This tour has been a tradition.


The agreements made during PM’s China visit, most of them are old. Was there lack of sufficient home work?
One-way preparation should not be done, both sides should be prepared. What is China’s keen interest in investing in Nepal and other development work is known by tomorrow’s work. Why China has been talking about opening up the north-east bank account, but why not it? China does not even work to help Nepal to become self-sufficient. The agreement will be implemented in future or not only when it is known that has the visit been achieved.


 How much is the possibility of the Kerung-Kathmandu railways, which is the main attraction of Prime Minister’s visit to China?
 It is very difficult as I understand. There is no problem to bring up to Kerung, but it is very difficult to bring Kathmandu from the geographical situation. Railing is not easy at the earthquake over the shattered land. China also looks at its feet. After bringing the train to such a difficult place, it is also important to know what its accomplishment will be, and how much it can earn. Nepal is only a small market for China. Its main objective is to extend rail network to Nepal and India. If India and China are not good enough, they do not feel like excited to bring the train only to the railway.


 China has also raised the issue of bringing railways to Kathmandu, how much is Nepal’s geopolitical importance?
 Strategically, if there is a competition to bring railways in India between India, China or other countries, it will be good. Development cannot be stopped at the present time. After the Rail Commission to manage our management, we should consider whether it is our capability to manage it. One of the junior railway trains cannot be properly organized. But, could we lose our ability? We cannot manage, not just big things. First, you need to understand your ability. People need basic facilities like health, education, employment, roads, electricity, and drinking water. So instead of putting cheap slogan right now, it is important to focus on the basic things.

Is China seeking Indian market by putting Nepal in middle?
 There is no response to India about this. I do not think China is raising the issue of railways by looking at the markets of Nepal, as the power supply. If Chinese Railways could not reach the market of India, then Chinese side is not beneficial enough.


 How would this kind of railway be beneficial for China, India and Nepal?
 The profit is to be strategically consistent with China, not for India. If there are some misunderstandings between India and China on the day of Ramadan, this train will not benefit India.

 Now there is a powerful power of communist government in Nepal, so is China’s enthusiasm increasing to Nepal?
 China’s advice is to combine communism. Three things match China, Nepal and India: durability, peace and development. This is the same bid for China and India about the issue. There was also a compulsion of communist than outer pressure to combine communal powers. Pushpa Kamal Dahal had to save his existence, but Olivi had to run the government for 5 years in his leadership. There are also close friends, and after the Chinese people are told you are communists. From which China is pleased.

 During the visit of China, the Prime Minister has invited Chinese President to visit Nepal, is his visit to Nepal?
His trip has not been confirmed. He has answered that he will come to the right time. Why do you have to come here, do some work? Prime Minister of India also did not come for the first 17 years. So visiting does not matter significantly.

The implementation of the agreements in various periods is not particularly noticeable, how have you seen it?
 Both sides are found guilty in this case. How many years since India had compromise for the highway, it has not been built. Neither Nepal nor India asks about this matter, neither Nepal intends to build work well. This is the biggest problem now. Nepal should monitor whether it is working according to its agreement. The countries dealing with the contract should also be carried out by working.


Published Date : 2 July, 2018 Monday. 

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