Our aim is to include points that are not included in constitution : Bimal Prasad Sribastav

Lawmaker, Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal

When is the demand for Federal Socialist Forum address after going to the government by making two-point agreement?

Of course, our party has joined the government by two-point agreement. The matter has already started talking about the amendment. It is finalized by all processions. We have gone to the government by agreeing that and it will be done.


The constitution amendment was the demand for the Federal Socialist Forum and the RJP-Nepal, whether it is discussed with the RJP on this matter?

It was wrong perception that the demand of the Federal Socialist Forum and the RJP is the same. There is their own concept of their own party. There was also a constitution amendment in our agenda. The RJP also has the constitution amendment of various agenda. It may be possible to have anything to say, but it does not mean that the party's agenda is the same. The purpose can be the same. We have already been in the direction of achieving the purpose for which we have gone to the government.


So there is a separate demand for amendment of the constitution of the RJP and Forum?

The objectives would be same but the procedures are different, the concepts are different.


But, both Forum and RJP launched Madhesh movement for the same demand?

At some time, the RJP boycotted the elections, and we had gone to the polls. Agenda did not leave us and even went to the election. Later on, on the same path, the RJP came and participated in the election. Soon there was a coincidence; we fought together with each other. Coincidence is a matter of place, but the processes differ. Accordingly, we are still moving forward.


Even if the draft amendments to be brought, there should have discussions with the leaders of RJP?

Politically, we all discuss with the parties. Now the government brings the proposal of amendment to the constitution, not us. We have the emphasis on the main objective of the proposal to amend the constitution to bring the government.


In the election time, especially by targeting then UML, Forum won the election by showing UML as anti Madesh party. Now the party is participating in the leadership of the party. How much of this government has convinced that the constitution in which you amend?

It is a different subject what the persons says to win the election and with whom it can be made alliance. Our aim is to include points that are not included in the Constitution regarding Madhes. We are trying to cover the subject in the constitution. Now, the two communist parties have been formed to form a strong coalition alliance, in Madhesh's demand, it is impossible to do this work without dealing with them. In this situation, the government also called upon us to join the government. Therefore, in order to fulfill the purpose and interests of Madesh, we have joined the government.


After the Prime Minister, have the change in the views of Madhesh of KP Oli?

It becomes difficult to be friends and enemies in politics. At the time of the election, there is an agenda. The atmosphere of that time is now over. Oli is now heading the government of two-thirds majority. If he works according to the agreement with us, it can be understood that the change in thinking of Madhes has come.

 We have been in the government for a month. Therefore, it is not possible to say that everything is good, but it does not have to be a hurry to say that it is bad. Improve weaknesses and work according to the expectations of the people and progress towards the problems of the people, and the government will succeed in winning the mind of the people. The flood problem has been shown in Tarai and Madhes. It is the responsibility of the Government to make a long-term plan to provide relief to the people there and to reduce the damage of flood victims. On this point, the Government needs to take care of it.


Flood floods are increasing in every district of Madhes? What is the damage caused by floods?

Nepal government needs special attention to reduce damage from natural disaster. I play a role in reducing the damage caused by my own personal and party, and our party members have raised awareness about the government by talking about this matter in Parliament.


Why could not the government's attention go to the long-term solution of such issues that are annually?

It is unfortunate that the government to ignore such issues. Emergency relief arrangements are made to victims from the flood victims, even if it does not take long term solutions. Therefore, the strongest government built now is to find long-term solutions by understanding the problems of the people of that region.


In Province 2, there is joint government of Forum and RJP-Nepal. You are participating in NCP-led government in the center. But why NCP withdrawal back in Province 2?

The government of Forum and RJP in Province 2 will not dissolve even if CPN or Nepali Congress withdraws their support. Our strategy of the state is different. There is still a consensus with the RJP and there is no discourse. There is no possibility of the government of Province 2 change now. Do not doubt it. If there is no agreement between the RJP and the Forum, there is no consensus on our cooperation in the Province 2.


What is the reason the Forum and RJP alliance cannot expand in other areas except Province 2?

We participated in the elections as per the situation and there was a coalition where the need was felt. If the coalition was able to build a coalition in other places, the result could have been different. But unfortunately, we could not go through the alliance in Province 1 and Province 5, but we are pleased with the results received from the election. From this we will learn a lesson later. In the upcoming elections, we will also try to combine other areas in addition to Province 2.


What has changed during the recent Nepal visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Relationship between Nepal and India is not the relationship we make. This is the relationship between generations. With the open border between Madesh and India, roti-beti relation has also been established between us. So, if anyone wants to ruin the relationship with some of his or her own interests, this relationship does not break. If anyone searches for this relationship, then it will be imagined.


 Published Date : 9 July, 2018 Monday.



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