RJP-Nepal fails to make headway

Kathmandu, 9 July : RJP-Nepal has failed to decide its general convention and select Parliamentary Party leader. The political committee meeting of RJP-Nepal, which was crucial to take an important decision failed to make any headway.

Party General Secretary Keshav Jha said, “Since the meeting of political committee failed to come to a conclusion, the presidium would try to take necessary decisions regarding the plans for the national convention and the parliamentary party.”

The leaders of the political committee have entrusted the leaders in the presidium to come up with concrete and uniform decision on the plans for the first national convention of the unified party.

The party has already declared that the national convention would be held on April 20-22 next year.

The meeting has clearly mandated the presidium to either join the government or begin the movement to withdraw support to the KP Sharma Oli government.

Opinion of leaders in the presidium remains divided. Therefore, they have failed to take major decisions for the party to move forward.

The meeting mandated the presidium to select the Parliamentary Party (PP) leader at the earliest by endorsing the statute of the PP.

Since most of the leaders were for dissolving the existing system of six-member presidium, the party is expected to endorse the statute that incorporates one-person leadership system.


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