No study on actual mentality of Madhesh : Shreekrishna Anirudhha Gautam

Political Analyst


How do you find the results of the first stage elections?

Nothing can be said without atleast 10% of the votes being counted. But, initially,CPN UML is seen on lead, so chances are it will win majority.


Madhesh takes UML in a negative light. What effects will it have if UML wins?

Madhesh has formed a stereotypical mindset. In most cases, the mindset is justified but in others it’s balant arrogance and ignorance. It’s a matter of perception. The results are showing the difference in midset of people of terai and pahad.


Does that mean the hatred madhesh had for UML and Pahad had for Madhesh, somewhere in between UML cashed the votes?

It can be said as such.


Then is the success UML getting a good thing or bad?

That is solely upon how UML acts when it wins. The positivity needs to be searched for.


How will UML fare in second stage elections then?

It needs to assuage the feelings of madheshi people too if it has to win. The perceptions and mindsets needs to be changed. That depends on UML, again.


It should be free of self-interest, shouldnt it??

 Interest should be. However, that does not seem to be the case. It was very well-wisher of the Nepali Congress, CPN-Maoist notion of coordination centers and the heritage of the election. They were not satisfied with the Maoists centers. Coalition government made different thing. However, the election of the coalition to make different things. They saw their self-fulfillment alliance. Together, we can push back the election went to the Congress and the Maoist CPN-UML was understanding. However, this perception is wrong with them.


The first round of elections received vote is believed to be due to the CPN-UML's flexibility. Pointed out the results of the first phase has a strong possibility of the amendment is?

Constitution amendment is something I do not expect much. it has been stuck, amendment to the Constitution . Now the second round of elections There is little time left. So no time for amendments. After one round selection by the deteriorating condition of the constitution would be amended so I cannot say it was. In a few cases there may be prisoner. Only hilly areas of the state elections have rested. Not to amend the constitution and the other four provinces are likely to be  excluded from the public voting rights. Let the local level in three provinces and four states may come to exist as a local level.


Then, this time to amend the Constitution is likely to be stronger?

Amendments to the Constitution that do not know that a few days to take it. However, my own view of the amendment is about. I cannot speak in favor of madhesh centric parties. Other parties may feel that support. But, I am talking about is very legal. Today's representatives had been elected to the Constituent Assembly. This new constitution by the Constituent Assembly representatives to complete the assignment. However, the present Commission to amend the constitution is not representative. The new representative office is to amend the constitution. It is my clear view.


 Pointed out that the Constitution made the amendment is not appropriate?

- The makers of the amendment should not. I also would not have the first amendment. It is my personal thinking. However, the amendment of the constitution is the entire thicket. Elections are not possible without modification. So the real attitude of the deteriorating? Who does the actual representation of the deteriorating? Madhesh want the money? These issues have not been extensively studied.


Madhesh wants? what should be? What is happening?

- Madhesi people want to move forward with national main stream equal partner.


How to make way?

- Yes, the way to make the characters not post attempt. Just want to trick.


equivalent right of way for a constitutional amendment that would not he?

- Route, but now is not the right way to amend the constitution. Representatives to amend the Constitution after the elections to be represented. Let those who set their agendas. In addition, the amendment to be dumped.


Need a new mandate?

Yes, as new ways of Madhesi has moved forward, it does not represent janadesale yesterday.


 But, the way you say it was that, it is a zero percent chance, would not it?

- it is upon the changing times.


 Federal Coalition, RJP and Forum Nepal without a constitutional amendment to prevent second round of elections are saying what?

- I accept the deteriorating feelings. Upendra Yadav are the lingua franca will raise. We cannot deny it. Nepal Goodwill Party for a long time was a voice utterance. This speech with a loud voice, Upendra Yadav, who come to the waters. Upendra Yadav, the team participated in the local elections. I feel like he is going to be turned elected. Mahanthaji, gacchadaraji they have come back. Stating that the wave came. At that time, they thought that they were not fanning various types of parties. It also looks as their conduct. Representing the beginning of the Pahad not come. He was the first Nepali Congress. There are also other side's Terai. I feel like being a real representation deteriorating.


Published Date : 22 May 2017, Monday 

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