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What is the status of relationship between Nepal and India currently?
- Nepal and India relationship is unique and one of a kind. They share a open border. The two countries have religious, cultural, political and social and family relationship. The people of the two countries are of the same faith. Even the politics share the same history and present. We are ensuring that we have the same faith and religious center from centuries. Therefore, the political relationship between Nepal and India share the same base for social, economic, cultural and religious relations, and views too. Pashupatinath, Muktinath are the common pilgrimages for people of both countries. Similarly, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and he received the knowledge of the people of the two countries at Bodhgaya are equally important position.

Though Nepal and India are joined by aspects like culture, tradition etc, why does political aspect has the dominant hand?
- Low knowledge and interests will be for political reasons . This means that the time limits are rounded to politics. Some countries have been constructed in the plot. However, religious and spiritual beliefs are of no relationship with politics. So Hinduism or Buddhism reached a Hemispheric consensus to one another. As far as Nepal and India in connection with what is dominant in politics. The main reason for this is lack of Nepal for a long time to be statesman.

Since when did politics start effecting Nepal India Relationship?
- Nepal is a multilingual and multicultural country. However, assuming that the Party and the people’s interests and the political systems of work for individuals. Therefore, the relationship between Nepal and India, not politics, prosperity and development will begin to discern for nothing. India look to different spectacles of our leaders. This is wrong. It has created employment for the country’s progress towards greater economic prosperity. By using different kinds of natural water and heritage of India with a walk to the road with the progress. However, our leaders bowed rather than heads held high. However, a sense of love and well-being that is in the eye in order for economic prosperity and for the good of the two countries Nepal and India. As long as we do not develop a road map to build long prosperity. The leaders demanded that the filthy water fishing. It was very anti-nationalist sentiment and have tried to show. It is blind nationalism.

We have followed India in a lot of things. Why are we yet to follow them in the development?
-A serious concern for India is Nepal’s prosperity and progress. Similarly, security is also a concern. Because our borders are open. Nepal’s politics has not been a strong stand. The government has not been able to stand the same five years. As far as the prosperity would happen if a later time, there are some positive things. Arun Hydropower has been pending since many third start of the light traveling to the West reached. Indian company to invest in the environment is becoming. So the last time the Nepal-India relations in elevation is reached. . We should be able to work with India to bring the concept of combined investment. Hydropower, agriculture, tourism and industrial development is no alternative to cooperation to move ahead.

Published Date : 29 May 2017, Monday . 

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