Going into elections to protect the achievements till date : Upendra Yadav

President Sanghiya Samaajwadi Forum Nepal

How are you taking the current political situation as?
Even after the end of monarchy and establishment of democracy, democracy is yet to be solidified in Nepal. The current political situation is pulling Nepal to instability, confusion and uncertainty forcefully. 

What do you think of the votes your party has got in the first stage elections?
I am extremely grateful and happy to see that our party is supported in Hills and Himalayas too.

Before the first phase elections, you were saying that your party wont go into elections without the amendment of constitution. Then why did the party leave amendment and rush into elections?
We took part in the elections to protect the achievements we have gained till date and not let it go to waste. Our participation ensured the election environment. Had we refused to take part, the country would have gone towards uncertainty and conflict. All the achievements of past movements would have been lost.That’s why we chose to go to elections.

But RJP leaders are accusing you of going against your own words?
They are also coming into elections behind us. Let us sit back and observe what agendas and issues of madhesh they leave behind. Another thing, it goes against the policy of democracy to stop elections from happening. We need to protect the achievements we have gained till date and move on.

Why have you been removed from the federal coalition’s coordinator?
Let us not talk about that dirty political game. That is an extremely dirty and disgusting political game. Had I known that someone had the desire to be the coordinator, I would have stepped back a long time back. The coordinator post doesn’t bring any gold medals. But still, people showed their true colours. I have nothing more to say on that.

But RJP leaders are saying that you have proved your dual face character to play this political game?
Firstly, even in their cabinet they have people who have shot madheshis or support monarchy or are racist themselves. They need to have their hands clean before pointing to others. I went for elections thinking for the long term, and they labeled me as dual faced.

What about the speculations about you going into the second phase elections as well?
They are the ones who took back the protest programs, asked for two phased elections, demanded increase in nomination dates etc. But then they are questioning me? Where is sense in this? It’s like killing a person and looking for their murderer. They themselves are looking forward to come into elections and are speculating about me.

For the first phase elections, you collaborated with naya Shakti Nepal. Who will you be collaborating for the second phase?
All those who support Madhesh’s ideologies are open for collaboration with us.


Published Date : June 5, 2017 Monday . 

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