Government serious and committed for Madhesh issues : Badasah Kurmi

Nepali Congress leader and Member of Parliament, Banke

What attempts have been done to bring RJP-N on board for the local level election?
The constitution amendment bill has already registered at the parliament. The bill was registered for making the constitution wider acceptance. The registered bill must be passed.
The issue of Madhesh is not only related to Madhesh but it is also the national issue. Aspirations of Madheshi people would be incorporated in the constitution by amending it to make it all-acceptable.
Even Prime Minister had also promised as he is ready to amend the constitution. But it was difficult to amend due to the technical reasons. Madheshi parties also understand the difficulty to amend the constitution. It is also necessary to take the main opposition UML into confidence while amending the constitution. So after the second phase local elections, the constitution amendment bill will be passed. But for that, RJP-N should come for the election.

But RJP-N is saying it will go to election only after amending the constitution?
RJP-N should also understand the difficulty why the government is not amending the constitution. The amendment of constitution was not delayed intentionally. It is well known that the amendment is impossible without securing the two-third majority and it can be possible when UML supports. Just after the constitution drafting, then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala started the process of constitution amendment that was completed by KP Oli-led government. It means the government always positive for addressing the issues of Madhesh. So there is no environment of distrust and Madheshi parties to understand this reality. The amendment bill will be passed when the government gets numerical strength.

But Madheshi parties blamed that the government did not attempt to pass the bill and only centered for election.
It is wrong. The constitution amendment and holding the local elections are the two major priorities of the government. NC-CPN Maoist Center coalition government is committed in its duty.

The local level units should be based on population or not?

NC was also in favor of local levels unit based on population. Even, before drafting the constitution, party’s Madheshi lawmakers agitated and pressurized the leadership to make local levels unit based on population. I want to say that before the movement of Madheshi parties, we created pressure on this issue in our party. So there is no reason for disbelieving over Nepali Congress. The party is very serious and committed to address the grievances of Madhesh.
Thus the constitution must be amended but in status quo it is not possible without the two-third majority. Even RJP-Nepal yet to be registered with Election Commission so for their registration, the government amended the Local Level Election Act.

Attempts are underway for bringing RJP-N in election but not addressing their fundamental issues.
I am not accepted this. Attempts are also underway for addressing the issues of Madhesh but it is yet to get the positive result.

Results have been seen in other issues but not in major demands?
The government decided for increasing the number of local level units in Madhesh based on population as per the demands of Madheshi parties but the Supreme Court ruled not to increase the number.

You can go for the election if numbers are not increased but RJP-N should go?
We are in the government so it is our compulsion. But the RJP-N also to accept the court’s decision.

The issues of Madhesh cannot be settled even by postponing the election by some days?
The second phase of local level elections had already been postponed by three times and if it will again postpone, a wrong message will spread. Mistrust will take place among the people over the election. So I do not think postponing the election is the solution.

But the way of election has not been prepared for RJP-N yet?

It is completely wrong. The way for RJP-Nepal has already opened and I requested them to register their party with Election Commission immediately and join the election process. I do not think that they have any obstacle to come in the election because the government already amended the Local Level Election Act and also opened a legal way to register the party. There is the need for successful conclusion of Madhesh issue and we are pressurizing our leadership for that.

There is blame that the ruling coalition not serious for Madhesh issues?
This is not true. Nepali Congress even this coalition government is always serious and committed for Madhesh issues. In the past, Madheshi parties also participated in the government but they also failed to establish and fulfill Madheshi concerns, why? Because of sometimes it is difficult to settle the issue due to technical problems.

What kind of environment is necessary for Madheshi parties that allow them to participate in the election?
I again requested them to take part in the election because boycotting it is not the solution. A commitment also expressed by newly elected Prime Minister as he will amend the constitution. So RJP-Nepal to trust on Prime Minister and joins the election process. RJP-Nepal should support the government attempts for passing the amendment bill after the election.

In the recent days, how you will find the ties between Nepal and India?

Nepal and India ties are very warm, cordial and pleasant. I hoped such kind of relations also would continue in the coming days. As both the countries have maintained the open border, the relations must be cordial otherwise the people of two sides may face problems and challenges.

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