RJP-N was agreed for deferral of election in III phase : Md. Mokhtar Ahamad

Nepali Congress Parliament member, Sirha

The government had deffered the local level election in third phase only in Province 2, what’s your reaction?
The local level election has been postponed for fourth time. It was aimed for addressing the concerns of Madhesh movement. The government had finally took such unpleasent decision in spite of criticism for various sections but the main objective behind the decision was to make a favorable environment for RJP-N as they can take part in polls. The step was taken for addressing the concerns raised by agitating forces.
The government is very serious for fulfilling the demands of RJP and also made attempt but it was not success in its mission due to various reasons. For example, the previous government led by Prachanda took decision for increasing the number of local units in Madhes as per the demand of RJP-N but finally after the Supreme Court’s order, the dicision was not implemented into practice. If the Court should not have interfered, there was high possibility for RJP-N to take part in June 28 local election. So after the court’s decision, the government expected that RJP-N also to accept the decision and to take part in the election.
As the government is attempting for addressing the demands, the declaration of agitation programs by RJP-N made us sad. RJP-N must understand the compulsion of government and also trust on government’s attempt.
Even, we also reminded our party’s leadership to take RJP-Nepal into confidence and persuade them for the election rather than holding the election by force.
If the peace and stability to be established in Madhes even by holding the lcoal election in the third phase then why should not it will happen.


Have you taken government’s recent move as positive?
It is not good to hold the election under the force of gun and bullet. It is not well one of the part of country will not be calm. So it is positive to hold the election in Province 2 in III phase.


Even the government deffered the second phase of election but not serious about the demands of RJP, why?
RJP-Nepal’s demands have two kinds of characters-political and non-political. Since the tenure of Prachanda-led government, the process to address non-political demands had been begun even that government also initiated to address political demands. After the formation of NC-led present government, it also started for addressing the non-political demands like withdrawing the case filed against RJP-N’s cadres and others. It is wrong to say the government is negative. The demands are gradually fulfilling but it is correct that the demands are not addressed in a package. I think the government has also some difficulty and compulsion as it cannot address all demands at a same time. So the RJP-N should not make a big issue for its non-political demands as the government is very serious.

But, even the fundamental issues are still unaddressed?
The constitution amendment and increasing the number of local units in Madhesh are major issues for RJP and these are also their bottom line to take part in the election. RJP-N knows well that both these issues are complex and difficult to address. The constitution amendment bill which was already registered at the parliament will get two-third majority for its endorsement. During the Prachanda-led government, there was final attempt to pass the bill but at the same time then coalition partner RPP’s lawmakers deceived. In that time, there was high possibility for passing the bill. Since the coalition parties have no two-third majority, it is difficult to pass the bill without the support of main opposition UML. As UML is also shown maximum flexibility for getting the endorsement of bill after the local eelction, why we should not wait for that. Because it is wise to pass the bill rather than its failure. It is also necessary to make the agenda alive than its failure.
Even today, the government and coalition partners Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Center have no confusion about passing the amendment bill. Now UML is also very positive. So RJP-N should trust over the government for passing the bill.
RJP- N also know well that the bill can be pased only after the local election. Thus it is not necessary for them to protest against the election. The party would join the election process and recognize the democratic norms and values.
Now let’s talk about the number of local units. All we knew that the previous government already decided for increasing the number of local units in Madhes districts. And it is also known that the decision was not implemented after the Supreme Court’s order. But it does not mean that the number cannot be increased even after the court’s order. The presesnt government is very serious about this and making an attempt to increase the number by forming a commission. The number will be added as per the report of commission. Now we have more than two months time for holding the III phase election by September 18 and before that the number will be added.

Is it possible to add numbers by forming a commission?

The election date for third phase was extended for September 18 with an aim for getting more time to complete some technical works. The government is making a plan to form a commission and increase the number of local units in Madhesh. Certainly, the number will be increased before September 18, the date of III phase election that will pave a way for RJP-N to take part in the election. If possible, the government also to amend the constitution before the third phase election.

But RJP-N’s objected only postponment of election in Province 2?
The postponed of election in Province 2 was not unilateral decision of government. The decision was taken with an agreement of RJP-N’s senior leader. During the meeting of top leaders of Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Center, RJP-N’s leaders expressed happiness over the decision, I don’t know why they expressed sadness about the decision. I think it was there political tactics for face saving.

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