State is trying to push Madhesh issues back : Dr. Bhogendra Jha

Political Analyst

Rastriya Janta Party is not participating in the second round of local polls scheduled for June 28. So what is its future in Province 1,5 and 7?
Rastriya Janta Party is symbol of Madhesh. The Madhes movement is still continued as its issues are yet not resolved. RJP-N’s boycotting the election is continuation of Madhesh movement. RJP-N has not only raised issue of Madhes but also raised marginalized class.
Therefore, by boycotting the election, the RJP-N has protected its political existance. A grave consequence will bring in Nepal’s politics with the boycottig of election by RJP-N.
I stressed that UML is also a ruling side and all three big parties are now ruling coalition. Because all they are agreed for local level election without participation of RJP-N. The vote getting by other parties in pocket area of RJP-N should not be imagined the weakness of RJP-N. It should be wrong to analyze that the issue raised by RJP-N is weakened. The issues raised by RJP-N must be strong after its boycotting the election. But RJP-N’s politics would have ended if it does not boycott the election.

It is also analyzed that RJP- N will face the consequence of Baidya Maoist ?
I do not believe this. Mohan Baidya’s party came mainstream politics after the people’s war. In fact, RJP-N wanted to take part in the election but the government did not create a favorable environment. Baidya’s party already against the election. But RJP-N was pushed back from the election intentionally. If the issues raised by the RJP-N was not relevant, why the govenrment extended the election date time and again? What was the reason to register the constitution amendment bill? It means, the state is trying to push back the Madhes issues.

Security forces have been tightened in provinces 1,5 and 7 when RJP-N warned for obstructing the election. How you analyze it?
In democracy, the election is fundamental necissity. In democracy, the people’s votes must be respected and its value should be understood. If RJP-N’s demands are not justified, why the election was held in three provinces in first phase? The proposed provinces are still disputed. The election can be held by transforming Madhesh into barrack but its result will not positive.

What kind of negative impact will happen in Nepal’s politics if the election on June 28 will be held in spite of RJP-N’s obstruction?
The party is holding non-viloent movement. Even, the party does not believe in viloence. For the short term, the party will get loss and defeat as the state is presenting itself predatory. The election is also seen for implementing of the constitution but as majority of people are boycotting the election, how can the constitution is implemented?
The government is preparing to hold provincial election. I am surprised how the election of provinces is possible as there is still dispute over delineation of provinces, lack of nomenclature of provinces and still the capital of states has not been fixed yet. In this situation, conducting the provincial election means to push the country into further conflict and crisis.
Now, there is conflict at the local level and in future there will conflict on provinces also. Without addressing these conflicts properly, a demand of constitution scarping will rise instead of constitution implementation.

What would the major parties think about the constitution amendment?
The major parties are united not to provide rights to marginalized and supressed class. They do not think doing so will create a grave conflict. The major parties have a big responsibility to protect the country.

Some Madheshi parties are in different path as they also struggled for Madhesh? How you see this?

This is unfortunate. Upendra Yadav played a major role for forwarding Madhesh issues. But his statement is illogical to continue the struggle even by participating in the election. Some months ago, he demanded constitution re-writing not its amendment. But suddenly he changed his political theory and saying to use the election.
Definetely, the development is a major agendas but by sidelining the identity, the development is not possible. Where there is conflict, there is no development.

Published Date : June 26, 2017 Monday . 


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