No serious problems between Nepal and India : Raj Kumar Sindhi

President, Nepal-India Friendship Association

You have been elected as President of Nepal-India Friendship. What are your plans to run the organization?
A huge responsibility has come on my shoulder. Nepal and India have old-age ties. This Association has a motto to strengthen the old-age ties of Nepal and India.

What achievements have gained through this organization?
The Association has branch offices in various districts and through these branch offices we are organizing discussion programs at the border of two countries. We played a crucial role for resolving problems facing by the people of two countries. Even in various festivals, we also organized other programs. In such programs, people of two countries have put forth their views.

Sometimes, problems created on Nepal-India ties. During the blockade period, the relation was soured. So for resolving problems, what role you had played?
During the time of blockade, we held various program in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places. We invited scholars and intellectuals from various sectors and discussed about how to resolve the problems seen between the two countries. We appealed the concerned stakeholders; the problems should be resolved without affecting the ties of two countries and also extended some suggestions. There is the need to remove the difficulties and problems of two countries through harmonious manner.

During the period of blockade, we got success through our attempt to ease the relations of two countries.

Currently, how you find the ties of Nepal and India?
It is necessary to move ahead by forgetting the previous incivility. We need to make the development as major agenda. Nepal could not be developed without India’s support. There is the need for Nepal to cooperate with India and move on the path of development. We should consider how to get benefit and advantage from India. There is the high possibility to develop religious tourism for attracting Indian tourists because India is only a big market for religious tourism for Nepal. Nepal’s economic and social sector will be changed if we success to invite Indian tourists in Nepal. For this, the government needs to make a favorable environment.

How do you see the government’s initiation for attracting Indian tourists in Nepal?
The Tourism Board is also playing an important role but that is not sufficient. There is need to do more. We are also making campaign for increasing tourists in Nepal. We are coordinating with Indian officials even in Chennai, Delhi, and Lakhnow.

Sometimes, the ties between Nepal and India have been soured. What was the reason behind this?
There is no sourness between the people of two countries but problems were seen only at the governmental levels. It was due to lack of coordination by the government. In Nepal, there are problems at diplomatic level. So we played a role of bridge when there are misunderstandings. Therefore, we want response from Nepal government.

What kind of role should be played by both countries for sorting out the problems in coming days?
Sometime, at the people to people level, problem was seen at the border and this must be resolved frequently. But there is misunderstanding at the governmental level. Although this is not big deal and it is necessary to care about it. When we met Indian leaders they do not accept serious kind of problems between two countries. They know well that the minor problems would not affect the ties of two countries buy they must be sorted out on time.

Nepal’s all sectors are affected by India but the development and prosperity would not, why?
The main reasons behind this, we are not accepting the reality. We never think for getting benefit and advantage from the two big and developed neighbors India and China.

Criminal activities lifted through the open border of Nepal and India. How can it control?

Yes, due to open border, there are more advantages than disadvantages. The criminal activities are major problems for both countries. Both countries are capable to control such activities. It is necessary both two countries jointly supervise the border.


Published Date : 3 July, 2017 Monday. 



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