UML attracted only voters, not people : Jugal Kishor Lal

Senior Advocate and Political Analyst

 What is the situation of Madheshi parties that participated in second phase of local polls?

Sometimes the politics begin liked gamble. The political parties take decision on the basis of possibilities. The politics is also like a chess game. The win and defeat in politics is normal. But time will ask who has taken a right step. There are various examples for holding the polls even under the dissatisfactions of political parties.  I want to give an example of India. In 1935, provincial elections were held under British rule and a single person Subash Chandra Boss had opposed the polls. Other leaders Motilal, Jawaharlal Neharu, Rajendra Prasad and other leaders participated in the election. Polls were held and they got victorious. The government also formed but it did not run more than two years. Finally all of them resigned. After that, they self-criticized and concluded that it was their wrong decision to take part in the election. So one who gives important the post only thinks about the win and defeat in the election. But who puts the politics for the serving the country, their journey must be long.

 How you have taken the participation of some Madheshi parties in polls either RJP-Nepal boycotted it?

 It is important for politicians as either they have shown their character as per the wish of people. In past, some did politics for royal palace. Although they protested but inspired by the king. Some have inspired with Nepali Congress while some are with China, India, and America. Such kind of politics would not take reliant decision. Let's see, all the thing will be decided on time.

 It means, Madheshi parties are also guided by anywhere?

 I do not say that. In present context, nobody is free here. Even not any country, political party and politicians are independent. The politicians have an aim how to get the state power. They always want a favorable situation getting the state power. In the politics, the politicians must determine the objective.

 Madheshi parties launched agitation and movement time and again. Several people killed. Did Madheshi parties fail to determine their objective?


The cadres would not be sold if leaders sell themselves. The politics is doing for people's welfare. The leaders should not do politics for people, it means such leader have been sold themselves. The leaders who should not do politics for people must be excluded.

In the context of Madhesh movement, then Sushil Koirala-led government opened gun against Madheshi people and killed them. But what happened after that? Madheshi parties voted to Koirala in the prime ministerial election. Who give right to Sushil Koirala to kill Madheshi people? But unfortunately, Madheshi parties did not raise voice to punish them who killed their people and cadres. But they continuously voted to Prachanda and Deuba after Koirala. It seems that Madheshi parties are a club to elect Prime Ministers rather than voicing for Madhesi cause.


 So, Madheshi parties are escaping from elections due to their past mistakes?

 I do not say that but even by giving votes to Koirala, Prachanda and Deuba, in return what did they get?


 It is called that Madheshi parties are not running as per spirit of Madhesh. Is it true?

 One, who does crime, must be punished on time.


 Suppose if RJP-Nepal should have participated in polls, it also faced the fate of Federal Socialist Forum and Nepal Democratic Forum?

 It is necessary think that how the elections were held. Is the elections were held in free and fair manner? I do not think the election result would affect the position of any political party.


 What you find the views of Madheshi people about the elections?

 It is very natural the opposite thinking of people and leaders. If the leaders are honest, they must aware the people. Now it is also necessary to aware the people about their political goals.


 It means UML got success for giving political education and Madheshi parties failed?

 Instead of awaking the people, UML has been attracted only voters. UML must understand that this kind of tactics is just for short time. Through it, UML could get the state power but it will not permanent.


Published Date : July 10, 2017 Monday . 

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