Mahottaris LDO busy spending surplus budget in eleventh hours

Mahottarai, 12 July, 2017 : Local Development Officer (LDO) Yuwak Raj Paudel of Mahottari District Coordination Committee (DCC) has not attended his office since a week. Although in other days, service seekers and politicians used to fill his office, currently his office desk has gathered dust and the chair always remains empty.

With the current fiscal year coming to an end, LDO Paudel is now busy releasing funds of various projects in the district before all the unspent and surplus budget freezes, according to employees at the DCC. Disregarding the plights of service seekers, Paudel is currently at his private residence at Jaleshwar amid tight security, busy putting signatures at checks to release funds. He has been accepting hefty commissions from various political parties and non-governmental organizations to release the funds.

LDO Poudel and DCC accountant Prahalad Bhujel recently approved a multi-million project by pocketing 35 percent commissions off it. Following the agreement, LDO Paudel finally signed a check to release the budget, the source claimed. 

With the fiscal year coming to an end, LDO Poudel has signed checks to release funds for transportation improvement project worth Rs 30 million, bridge and road construction project worth Rs 10 million, rural electricity project worth Rs 10 million, suspension bridge construction over 31 major rivers of the district, border area hardware program operation project worth almost Rs 10 million, inter-district road connection projects, rural road projects, cleanliness projects, drinking water projects, irrigation projects, among other projects while staying at his private residence and various hotels of Bardibas. 


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