Mahottari‐Rich in money poor in human index

Rakesh Prasad Chaudhary

Preparation is going on for local level election in state number two. Discussion is happening between State and agitating group for the amendment of constitution. Like any other states, experts have commented that the economical and poverty indices will become further worst in the absence of local level election in this state.

Mahottari district is lagging in terms of Human development index (HDI). However, district is still ahead from other districts within state number two in terms of poverty elevation and prosperity management. Lots of ups and downs have been observed in the eight districts lying between Parsa and Saptari in last decade (2058-2068 BS). Mahottari district has been effected minimally.

All the districts of state 2 were having high HDI in 2058. In last one decade, three out of eight districts have slide into medium HDI ranking and remaining three have slide into lowest human development index ranking. Mahottari and Sarlahi belongs in the upper ranking within the state 2. According to Central Bureau of Statistics, districts having 21 percent and lower poverty rates are having higher Human development index. And districts having 31 percent and higher poverty rates are having lower Human development index. Mahottari district poverty rates in 16.2 whereas Saptari district poverty rate is 39.5 percent.

Dhanusha district, which sends highest number of immigrant labors, is having HDI ranking lower than Mahottari district. Poverty rate in Dhanusha is 23.1 percent. However, Mahottari district is second largest exporter of immigrant labors.

Factors contributing to the prosperity of Mahottari districts could be higher production level, remittance, poverty elevation or corruption. We can keep arguing on these. However, it need research to establish how much share local officers receives from the bigger pie of corruption. For now, everyone safely insists remittance is contributing for district prosperity.




Electoral count has decreased in this districts compared to last elections. However, there is no decrease in people queuing for foreign employment. It is safely believed that 58,000 people have immigrated for foreign employment from Mahottari. About 15 years back, though people were relatively prosperous, they were hardly prohibiting child marriage. Today, awareness level has increased. Different studies have indicated child marriage below 20 years of age is 2 percent.

Poverty elevation programs (PEP) have invested 32 crore 87 lakh 52 thousand 9 hundred 79 rupees to improve the income activities in the district, whose cyclic fund has reached 36 crore 62 lakh 83 thousand 83 rupees including interest. This program has participation of 22 thousand 4 hundred and 51 members. Members also actively participates in training, meeting and physical infrastructure building.

District manager Mr. Jagdish Subedi clarifies there is no data to understand how many members have leveraged poverty elevation funds to send family relatives to foreign employment. However, may be due to skills, knowledge and income level, PEP member are free from higher interest charged from local lenders while sending family relatives for foreign employment. Loan received from Poverty elevation programs are charged six percent annual interest at maximum.

CBS has defined poor person those having yearly income below 19 thousand 2 hundred and 61 rupees. According to this definition a person having daily income of 53 rupees or lower are classified person below poverty line.



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