Theater is not unproductive field : Bijay Bisfot, Senior Artist

Why have you chosen this field?
Because it makes me happy.

Do you think there is sexual discrimination in this field? If yes then what type of?
Nope I haven’t seen any sexual discrimination in this field. Not until now.

As you have said it is performing art of all communities of Nepal. For the performance there is a theater required for, what do you think?
Government has not provided us theater. Theater, where drama is demonstrated that has been preserved globally by the government and people. Whole the country has been facing the problem of theater facility for promoting drama. Nepal is moving in political transformation. Under this political transformation, if one expects that the government can establish theater everywhere that will be exaggerated rather than realistic. In Nepal some center should be for music and some center should be for drama and culture. Such structural development should be required. We don’t enough resources now.

Regional artists are not known or recognized, what do you think about this?
As I mentioned previously, all art and culture within Nepali territory should be promoted equally. For this we have mad change in policy. The traditionally concept cannot be changed easily. People understand Kathmandu is Mainstream. This was because people of Kathmandu boasted that they were only superior to other in all respect.

What is the situation of theater in Nepal?
In Nepal, the theater has a prosper history. It has come at present state through various ups and downs. In Malla dynasty, the theater was highly prospered but after that, it was downfall due to inability of state. The state did not protect and conserve the drama and theater artists. The theater has not only carried the artist but also the structure of society, culture and history.

In this way, the theater has always raised voice in favor o democracy. It is also raising the voice for people’s right. In various political movements the artists played crucial role for the democracy and people’s rights.
After 1990, the theater reached at villages and produced versatile artists. In brief, the situation of theater and its artists are not satisfactory.

How artists are dedicated for drama?
Most of artists have not yet adopted the theater as profession. So in Nepal, the drama ahs not established as profession. In the society the artists are respected but by the state, they do not get anything. Even, the state has not provided a well equipped theater center. Still, an environment has not created to earn money through this profession. The economic future is not secure by adopting this profession so that many artists have taken it as a side job.Although there is satisfaction while showing drama at stage but economic future is not secure.

Should theater is also misused in country?
Why not, by giving development slogans, most of NGOs have promoted non-professional persons rather than professional artists. The development slogans should not represent the people’s voice.

Should the real artists are getting state?
Obviously this is very serious matter. The theater culture has not still developed in Nepal. Various artists have leaving this profession as they are not getting chance to perform their skill at stage. It is necessary to protect them.

Performing art is not only desire but also a profession, is it true?
Yes, it is absolutely true. So, our organization is raising an issue of professionalism of theater. We are giving a message that the artists could also earn money. The government also should give attention toward this.

Our organization is playing vital role in 21 districts and gather the artists. We are fighting the protecting and conserving the artists. But unfortunately, the government has taken this as an unproductive area which is unfortunmate.

Published Date : July 17, 2017 Monday . 


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