Madhesi Voice Assembly common platform for all - Gopal Thakur

Co-Coordinator, United Madheshi National Movement Committee

What is your Committee doing now?
Our Committee was formed three years ago and it is working for Madhesi cause. We have to forward Madhesi issues through the movement.
Recently, we held a gathering in Kathmandu where we discussed about the future of Madhes movement. The gathering formed Madhesi Voice Assembly and the main objective of this Assembly to aware Madhesi issues and positive impact of Madhes movement.

As there were several Madhesh-related organizations, what was the need to form Madheshi Voice Assembly?
Certainly, various organizations even political parties are working for Madhesh. Madheshi Voice Assembly is also to work for Madhesh cause but it is different than others. Actually it is not an organization but a committee where we would discuss, debate and talk about Madhesh and its problems as well as find out the solutions. In this committee, persons from several sectors have been involved. In fact, it is not a political forum but a forum for all who are not directly and indirectly involved in politics.
Madheshi Voice Assembly would play an effective role for making voice of Madhesh strong. It will organize discussion and talk program about Madhesh and give suggestions.
In fact, we are very worried about the Madhesh movement as it is weakening due to inability of Madheshi leaders.

Who are the members of newly formed forum?
The members are from different parties and intellectuals having different ideologies. But we committed we must have a common objective and view on Madhesh cause. Matrika Yadav from CPN Maoist Center, Mahendra Ray Yadav from Rastriya Janta Party Nepal, Rizwan Ansari from Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Bikash Tiwari from Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Gajendravdi) and intellectual Dr. Ram Kevel Saha are the members of Madheshi Voice Assembly. As it is a common platform so we have decided there is no political boundary for any other party’s leaders to join this.
As it is not an organization so it has not statute. This is a common forum for all those who wanted and thought about prosper and stable Madhesh.
What is your role in Madheshi Voice Assembly?
I will play supportive role. I will support any time when it needed.

When Madheshi parties abandoned issue of One Madhesh One Pradesh, how could your forum success to get it?

Definitely, Madheshi political parties have left the core issue of Madhes-One Madhes One Province. But I do not know why they left it and what was their compulsion? Even they left but the issue is still alive.
So that, as it is major issue of Madhesh and also related the political right and future of Madheshi people, Madheshi Voice Assembly has re-opened this issue. We have to raise this issue strongly through debate.
Madhesh movement held three times but we have no political gains. Thus, we have to discuss on every aspect of Madhesh movements and to reach on concrete conclusion. We want to debate about success and failure of Madhesh movement. This Madheshi Voice Assembly also could play an effective role to reduce the trust deficit created over the Madheshi parties. It was our preliminary conclusion that if the issue of One Madhesh, One Province should not have been left, today the Madhesh movement certainly reached toward the logical conclusion.
Even in the past, Maoists party also raised issue of Madhesh during the people’s war and also after than when it was in peace process. Even, Upendra Yadav also raised One Madhesh One Province. Other Madheshi parties also raised and left. I think that it was downfall of Madhes movement.


Published Date : 24 July, 2017 Monday . 

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