Directly elected executive chief for ensuring stability  : Umesh Kumar Yadav

Leader, CPN Maoist Center

Recently your party decides to reduce the size of central committee and put agenda of directly elected executive chief. Is this tactics to attract New Force?

First all Maoists forces to be united and moves ahead. We hoped that achievement of people’s war, various people’s movements and Madhes movement will be protected and institutionalized if Maoists forces are united. So, we appealed Baburam Bhattarai and Mohan Baidya and others who cut relations with Maoists movement to re-join their mother party and make the movement strong.

Does the result of local level election compel your party to unite with Bhatatrai and Baidya?

It was well established that Bhatatrai and Baidya did not justified why cut relations with their mother party. As well as we also lost the local level election due to repeated division of party.
Mohan Baidya boycotted the second CA election, but people did not trust them. Through the local level election, people mandated to all Maoists forces to unite. The unification of Maoists parties is demand of people.

The humiliating and unexpected result of local election was due to repeated split of Maoists parties or forgetting the agenda?

In the second CA, we put forth difference vote but failed to aware about difference vote. The opposition spread illusions and hatched conspiracy against us.

What is your plan to aware the people about your party’s agendas?

CPN Maoist Center is different than Nepali Congress and UML. The party needs to go its km/s dt to the people again and to get the people’s support. If this happens, the party will get favorable result in the upcoming two elections. The party leadership to realize the past weakness and faults and move ahead as per the people’s wish.

At present, New Force is positive for unification with your party?

CPN Maoist Center is one and only force of change. New Force is not an alternative force but a club of former Maoists party’s leaders. After the split, Bhattarai did not get space for politics and his New Force is going down. Now he is encouraged with our appeal of unification.


Why is directly elected presidential system necessary?
The party decided to make directly elected executive chief its election agenda in the next general elections. Although the party had championed directly elected president in the past, it had now chosen to go for either a directly elected president or prime minister. We are of the view that directly elected executive chief will be better for ensuring stability, promoting development and national unity.



Published Date : July 31, 2017 Monday . 

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