Key problems of Madhesh (Editorial)

There are several problems. Before answering, let just dispel this ridiculous myth and revisionist history that’s been presented by some regarding Madhesh. Madhesh as it is constituted now from Parsa to Jhapa was never an independent state. There were historical Kingdoms like Videh-Mithila, Simrangarh or Tirhut historically but even they had hilly region in it.
Recently before Prithvi Narayan Shah’s unification, Madhesh was part of several Sen kingdoms of Makwanpur, Bijaypur and Chaudani among others, and after unification they became part of united Nepal. Madhesh was never gifted by the British. It has been part of Nepal on and off for centuries and the fact that Kings of Kathmandu even used Mithila as their language once upon a time proves it.
After Jang Bahadur Rana helped British crush Indian rebellion in 1857, British provided Nepal with four districts Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur and all these districts have called new state. So, Madhesh is a part of Nepal and it is a diverse territory with various groups including Madhesis but also Terai janajatis, Tharus and people from Hills. Now, regarding problems, discrimination, lack of proportional representation, discrimination within Madhesh, lack of land reform, lack of infrastructure, jobs, healthcare, education and identity crisis are some key problems of Madhesh. The societal and communal divide we are seeing between Madhesis and pahadis is very sad. Nepal can never develop as long as this divide exists and I hope we can bridge our differences, respect each other and live together as Nepalis.

Published Date : August 7, 2017 . Monday . 

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