Boycotting polls party's official line : Rakesh Mishra Leader, RJP-Nepal

The RJP-Nepal is divided whether to participate in the third round of local polls or not. What is the fact?

In the political life of every party it is necessary to hear every voice of leaders and cadres. In fact, it is not necessary all leaders have same views.

In the recently held office bearers’ meeting of the party, several leaders expressed their views and it was helpful for the parry to make a concrete decision based on these views.
But on the issue of participation in election, most of the leaders suggested to use it also as movement. So it does not mean that the party is divided over the issue. The dissenting voice is natural and the party has taken it positively.
Still, it is official line of the party is not to take part in the election unless its minimum demand is addressed. The local level election is based under the new constitution and as we are against the constitution so how we accept the election?


If party is clear on its line against the election so why differing views were floated?

From very early, the party’s position was very clear. Before holding the first phase of local level election, we clarified not to go to the election unless the constitution is amended. But the government postponed the local election time and again with a commitment to amend the constitution which is our bottom line to join the election process. But the government failed to apply its commitment into practice. Before and after the second phase of local election the newly formed government under Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, he also followed the path of commitments to address our demands. There was the possibility to amend the constitution even after holding the second phase of election but failed due to conspiracy of Rastriya Prajatantra Party.

Unde such circumstances, some of leaders are hopeful about amendment in the constitution and thus they suggested the leadership to join the election. But one thing is considerable that they are not fully supported the election even they asked to go for it.
The government is deaf and ignoring the Madhesh. The government is not honest toward Madhesh.

Should the party discard democratic practice?

No, it’s absolutely wrong. We are democratic force and trust on democratic practice. We have time and again asked that we want to be a part of the election but the major political forces have intentionally isolated us. The state is cheating Madheshi people on the name of election.


The government is saying it is ready to address the demands and also creating a favorable environment for that. So RJP-Nepal would surrender or again go for agitation?

The RJP-Nepal is another name of struggle. We have not tired with the agitation. The party is still in movement. The shape and form of agitation has been changed now. In the rainy season it is difficult to continue the movement. So some felt that Madhes movement has not ended which is wrong interpretation. So it does not mean the party has surrendered.

If the constitution is not amended, what is the next step of party?
The issue of constitution amendment is related its implementation. So the implementation is not possible without its amendment. If the major parties want to the full fledge implementation of constitution, they have no alternatives to amend it. Suppose, the constitution is not amended, Madhesh will never accept it and fight for another constitution. If necessary, Madhesh could write its own constitution.

OK, some leaders of your party have differing views on the election. Is it official decision not to take part in the election?
Yes, it is official decision of the party not to participate in the election unless the constitution is amended. The party is firm on it. The party must accept and welcome the differing views as it is democratic practice but the position will not be changed.


But the party top leaders are facing huge pressure from second rung of leaders for the election?
There is no pressure on the leadership. All should accept the party’s official decision.

Published Date : August 7, 2017 . Monday . 

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