RJP-Nepal should not participate in polls

Kathmandu, 7 August, 2017 :  Members of the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal presidium told their Central Committee members today that the party should not participate in elections in the current situation. 

According to RJP-N leader Manish Kumar Suman, five members of the Presidium - Mahantha Thakur, Rajendra Mahato, Sharat Singh Bhandari, Anil Kumar Jha and Rajkishor Yadav - who spoke in the first CC meeting today said the party should not participate in the elections without their key demands being addressed. The sixth member of the RJP-N Presidium Mahendra Ray Yadav was not present in the meeting as he had to suddenly go to his home district Sarlahi. .

Two RJP-N leaders Hridayesh Tripathi and Sarvendranath Shukla, who had boycotted the party's office bearers meeting, were, however, present in the CC meeting. According to Keshav Jha, Tripathi told the meeting that he did not attend the office bearers meeting as there was no provision of office bearers in the party's statute. Tripathi also told the meeting that there was need to add more provisions to the party's statute. .

According to Jha, Tripathi said he would abide by the party's decision, but he personally believed that the party should take part in the election to retain cadres who gave value to electoral politics. .

Coordinator of the RJP-N presidium Mahantha Thakur presented a two-page political document in the meeting stating that his party's stance on boycotting the local polls unless its demands were met was intact. .

Thakur stated in his document that the unity of six Madhesi parties in creating the RJP-N was the unity of Madhesis and all oppressed groups, which had energised the united party to achieve its goals of empowerment and equality. Almost 1,000 RJP-N leaders, including 815 CC members, chairs of district chapters of the party and 100 chiefs of the party's sister wings, are taking part in the first CC meeting. .


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