Floods inundated different parts, 6 drowned as vehicle submerged in river

Gaur, 13 August 2017 : Six persons were drowned as the vehicle that was carrying them was submerged in the flooding river in Rauthat. The vehicle with Indian plate was taking a pregnant woman to a delivery room.

The pregnant woman along with those who were accompanying her were killed after the vehicle was submerged in Rajpur Farhadawa-based Lal Bakaiya river.

The deceased have been identified as Chandan Kishor Yadav, Saroj Kumar Yadav, and Chandan’s mother, wife and daughter. The incident took place at 4 am today, according to a local Satrughan Singh.

Meanwhile, floods have inundated different parts of Rauthat. Gaur Municipality located in the district headquarters is filled with water. According to Rauthat Police, more than 400 houses in the district have been submerged in the floods.

Such market places as Garuda Municipality, Katahariya, Shiva Nagar, Samanpur, Bariyapur, Rajpur, Gangapipara, Matsari, Khunkhunwa and Ijaminiya have been hit by floods.

According to Police, the flooding in such rivers in the district as Lal Bakaiya, Bagmati, Jhajh, Chadi, Aruwa and Lamaha has inundated those areas.

According to Madan Kumar Thakur, Sub-Inspector at Area Police Office, Samanpur, the higher level of flood has been an impediment to the rescue process.

In Janakpur, over 1000 houses have been inundated in Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City after the flood waters from Purano Jalad River entered into human settlements. The houses in Shivapath area, Musalman Mahalla, and Kapileshwor-16, have been flooded after torrential rainfall lashed the Sub-metropolitan.

Kishornagar, Anandanagar, Airport office, District Police Office, Financial Comptroller General Office have been submerged. It’s not possible to walk on any road of Janakpur. Ten villages around Kamala River have been flooded.  The Janakpur-Bhittamod road stretch has been obstructed. Mobile telephone networks have gone down. 

Likewise, a bridge along the East West Highway has sunk at Pathlaiya-Nijgadh road section.

This is the second time the bridge sank. The bridge had also sunk three years ago.

Meanwhile, transportation along the Pathlaiya-Hetauda section has also been obstructed after landslide in Churiyamai.

Water from a flooded dam of Lalbakaiya River has started to enter the jungle due to incessant rainfall.


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