Nepal-India should take long-term solution of flood : Ajay Gupta

General Secretary, RJP-Nepal

What is the condition of Rauthat?
Heavy rainfall and flood had affected Rautahat. People were tragic. We talked at the central level.
That time, there was no other alternative beside the helicopter to save the life of people but it could not be done by the government. Rautahat was completely submerged. In particular, there was a huge loss of wealth in Gaur. Farming was destroyed, animal died. So, there is fear of spreading the disease. Especially there is a need of presence of a medical team but it is not happening here. We have repeatedly asked the government to declare Rautahat district as crisis-hit zone. The rescue work is no longer possible, but the relief work has to be done. The relief work is going on for two days, but there are places where it is hard to go. The relief also should be provided in such a place.
Leaders of RJP-Nepal asked Prime Minister that an authority should be formed for Madhes. An authority to make a plan about the infrastructure needed and also make a plan how can minimal damage to be done in the floods section.

It is said that the flood victims still have to wait for relief in Rauthat, how true is it?
Till now, relief has been reached in most places, but much relief is not enough. Supposed, 500 houses are affected by floods in any village but the government has just provided relief only in 50 houses.

Relief reached the village but could not reach the person?
Yes, the person could not reach relief. There should be complete relief for it. Although relief programs are also being made from individual organizations but it has become very incomplete that the government should have. Due to this, the people are still upset today.

What is the reason for the loss of such a lot of wealth in Rauthat? Which river had made hude damage?

In the east of Rauthat, Bagmati and Bakaiya river are in the west. In the meantime, Rautahat is surrounding with rivers. Bakiya is more dangerous river. Due to heavy rain, dam of Bakiya was broke and ruined. Other side, India has also constructed high dam and due to this the district was affected more.

What is the rate of damage of Rautahat?
In Rauthat, 16 persons had died due to flood and 30 are missing. It has not been ascertained how many persons died and missed in some remote villages. No any houses in Gaur to be found as the goods are wasted.
Around more than one billion rupees physical infrastructures have been destroyed in Gaur. Therefore, we have been repeatedly saying that the government should declare Rauthat as crisis-hit zone and arrangements for indemnity by collecting the details of how much money was damaged.

What is the condition of houses damaged in Rauthat?
There are lots of house breaks. All of the damage may be due to full loss.

What should the government do? What is yours expectation?
At the time of flood, two-four ministers came and looked up on a helicopter. The government thinks that this is only its responsibility and remaining is for local administration. Local administration will also work together with local people. It is government responsibility to provide resources. Local government does not do anything if the government does not provide resources at local level. The flood effected and displaced people are living in camp and they are looking for a safe place. In order to bring a long-term plan by the government, it has to be adopted to make a settlement.

UML’s top leaders said flooding in Madhesh was due to Koshi river but what caused flood damage in Rautahat?
It is unfortunate that some rivers full with water in some time and dry also in some time. The crosser industries are now being forest destruction. Therefore, tree plantation is long-term solution to protect Madhes from flood.

In recent times, floods and landslides have been damaged in both Nepal and India. In this situation, how should Nepal and India meet to solve problem jointly?
It is necessary to jointly resolve the flood problems with India. If this to be done, water is also available when it is needed and there is no problem of flood during the rain. Even if there is a shortage of resources in Nepal but with coordination of India we could resolve the problems permanently. Nepal’s Prime Minister is visiting India. Therefore, we should talk about this matter seriously with the Government of India. Rain water has affected both countries including Nepal and India. That is why it is a matter of concern for both countries. So, both of them should take a serious for a long-term solution.

Published Date : August 21, 2017 Monday. 

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