Statute revision agenda for polls : Jangilal Yadav

Leader and Lawmaker, RJP-Nepal

The RJP-Nepal has finally decided to participate in the polls. What is preparing for polls?
In fact we were in the movement, we were in conflict. We also formed struggle committees in various places. Now we are for election from the movement. The party would go for the election by raising the issue of constitution amendment that was rejected by parliament.

Your party was not involved in the first and second-phase elections, but participating in the third-phase elections, why?
The first phase of local election was held only in hilly areas and there we have no organizations. In the second phase of elections, the government did not address our demands and the party was not registered. But also due to lack of time we could not participate in the election. The time has come and the government has completed even though we have some demands because we have gone to the third phase of election.

There was no organization in the first-phase elections and your party did not go to the polls. And what did not happen in the second-phase elections as the party boycotted the elections and what is happening now and going to the polls?
The government did not work until the second-phase election that addresses our demands. Like martyrs were not fully announced, the cases were not released. Now these are happened. But the rejection of constitution amendment by the parliament is unfortunate. That’s why we have to go to the election by taking it an issue.

You talked about the martyrdom of Madhes movement. Have all the martyrs announced?

We introduced 43 people as the name of martyrs. The injured people are still more than 43. The cadres are now releasing.

You asked the government has fulfilled some demands. These demands should have also been addressed if the party participated in the second-phase elections?
Now many friends of party are for going to the polls and suggested to take issue of constitution amendment as election agenda. So by considering the majority of views, the party decided to go to the polls with the issue of amendment.

The RJP-Nepal surrendered to major three parties?
Our major demand was amendment in the constitution and we would raise it again. Now it is sure that the amendment is not possible through current parliament. The amendment of constitution is the main agenda for upcoming elections.

The RJP-Nepal decided to go to the election even the amendment bill will be passed or if failed. Should the party created election environment for Madhesh?
One of the faction of Madheshi Front was already joined the polls. Previously, RPP said that they would vote if we should remove the boundary of the province. But we knew that there is no certainty in RPP as it would split anytime. Therefore, if any outcome comes and if environment will create, we should go to elections.

How much it easy to address the demands of Madheshi people if the party to go to the elections?
By accepting the present election, our demands will be strengthened and our party will also be organized. After the third phase of local level elections, we will participate in the election of the National Assembly and Representative Assembly.
Now the power in favor of constitution amendment will reach two-thirds and then amend the constitution.

In the current elections, what is the electoral strategy for the party?
The party is not against any electoral alliance. At the local level, the alliance will be formed as per the need and relevancy.

First, when going to elections, your party made allegations against Forum Nepal. It is its term to blame your party?
Forum Nepal should have been accused but to be valid. No one can prove to anyone by mistake. Federal Socialist Forum has made us weak by participating in the election. No, we would not believe it.

Published Date : August 28, 2017 Monday . 

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