Contest with election symbol of CPN United : Arvinda Sah

Leader, New Force

What is preparing for the third-phase election?
The party had not got expected result in the first and second phase of local election due to conspiracy of big III parties. The party also did not get eye as poll symbol due to a part of such conspiracy. The new power party could not get an eye impression that the rule that the Parliament represented in Parliament could only make the election symbol. We had contested the polls by taking Forum Nepal’s election symbol.

How does it go now? Does the relation cut with Forum Nepal?
Chairman of the Forum Nepal, Upendra Yadav has broken an agreement to provide election symbol. We have no our own election symbol. We have been fallen in conspiracy. In the next election, we have to contest the election with an election symbol of CPN-United M combating the United Nations while discussing what elections in the current election. The party will contest the third phase of election with election symbol of CPN United.

So, now in the election, you have to form election alliance with CPN United?
As it was agreed to contest the election with election symbol of CPN United so we are going to the same way.

Are there possibility alliances with other parties?
Election alliance is possible with Madheshi parties but alliance is not possible with Nepali Congress and UML. Although we are open to form alliance with CPN Maoist Center.

Election alliance with CPN United is only for the election symbol or is it the only fear or failure of the party going in the election?
It was not possible for us to go to the election solely without the election symbol. How could we contest the election as we have no election symbol? Our party has bases in all 75 districts but we have no election symbol. The symbol is necessary for the election as it is also identity of any political party. In the meantime, we held talk with CPN United and they also agreed to contest the election jointly.

It means the objective was only the election symbol?
Our party has a capacity to contest the election alone. It was registered in all 75 districts so organizationally it was not weak. But the big three parties hatched conspiracy not to provide us eye as election symbol due to the fear. It is not a small deal as the party collected one and half millions founder members. If the party should have its own election symbol, it was certain that the party would get good result.

Just after the first and second phase of local election, most of the leaders have quit the party. What was the reason behind this?


Baburam Bhattari is major leader of the party. The party is guided by his ideology as he is advocating for economic development and prosperity. The party is for directly elected President, full proportional system. Our party’s main goal is morality, goodness and prosperity. Party’s such idea is not only for the country but also for the international society. Those who left the party had lost patience. They would finally return the party.

The people even do believe Bhattarai’s ideology?
No, the people have trust party’s idea. They are with us.

But the result of first and second phase of local level election did not prove it?
We failed to convince the people about our ideology. During the election period, we did not reach door to door. Because of the old thinking of the people, they gave the vote to the old party.

Candidates have been selected for the third-phase election whether it is left?
We are collecting report from districts of Province 2. The candidate selection process is going to be selected.

It is considered that Province 2 is base of Madhesh-based parties and in such a situation you have been separated with Forum Nepal. Who made its charge?
There was no connection between our party and talk about party integration was also discussed. Now the time has come for the election, the federal socialist forum is going to be the only election, and we also go towards our goal. Later we may have to integrate.




Published Date : 4 September, 2017, Monday. 

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