RJPN unveils poll manifesto

Kathmandu, 8 September, 2017 :  With hardly two weeks left for the local polls in Province 2, the Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has unveiled its election manifesto promising to works on social, economic and political reforms in the tarai.

In its manifesto announced in the capital, RJPN, which is the fourth largest party in parliament and the largest regional party, said the party, if elected, would carry out rapid social and economic reforms while championing the rights of the Madhesi people.

The party has said that it would keep fighting for proper revision in the statute which it claims is disowned by more than 60 percent of people.

Besides working on economic and political reforms in the tarai, the party has also promised to initiate a campaign to discourage social problems like dowry and find solutions to the recurring problems of floods. It has also kept Chure conversation in top priority.

Similarly, the party has pledged to introduce various welfare programs targeting families and dependents of martyrs of the latest Madhes movement. More than 60 people had lost their lives during the Madhes movement in 2015 and 2016. 

Though the United Madhesi Democratic Front, of which the RJPN was a constituent, had omitted its erstwhile commitment to provide Rs 5 million to martyrs' families. In the initial days of the agitation in 2015, UDMF had desperately tried to wage Madhes movement by promising Rs 5 million and government job to at least one member of each martyr family. 

Other key promises of the party include ensuring 40 percent representation of women at the local level and providing jobs to each household.

Even as the party has made some vague and ambitious promises, it has avoided some colorful promises like other big parties. In its manifesto, UML had announced to increase the per capita income of Nepalis to US$ 5,000 within the next 10 years.

The manifesto has left no stone unturned to glorify the party and vilify other parties including the NC and the Maoist Center, the two parties in the ruling coalition that favor constitution amendment. Interestingly, it has even raised questions about the Maoist Center's commitment to federalism itself. 

In the press meet held at the party headquarters, several RJPN leaders including Rajendra Mahato expressed dissatisfaction "for putting all parties in the same basket". 

"Maoist Center is a democratic party and an ally in the Madhesi agenda. Putting it in a negative light was a mistake," said Mahato, adding the manifesto does not properly represent the party's views regarding other parties. 

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