Election strengthens the future movements of Madhesh : Rambharos Kapdi

Political analyst

What is the atmosphere of election in Madhesh?

The environment of election in Madhesh was already created. It was hoped that the local level election will be held in Madhesh in first phase but now it has been scheduled for September 18 in the third phase. Although some people had doubt either the election will be held in Madhesh or not. But now all suspicion has ended and the environment for election in Madhesh has been created and people are keen to vote.


 What should have the situation if the election in Province 2 was held in first or second phase?

 If the election in Madhesh was happened during the first phase, the outcome should have positive.  In that time, environment of Madhesh was good. All political parties were ready for the polls in Madhesh. But strategically, the leaders were not ready to go to Madhesh. But Madhesi leaders failed to take such environment in grip for their own favor.


 It means, the previous election for Madhes was result-oriented?

Yes, if the local election was held in first phase, it should have well for Madhesh. But Madhesi parties rigidly stand on the constitution amendment as they knew well that the amendment is not possible due to lack of two-third majority.  So raising the issue of constitution amendment and pushed the local election three months last was not fruitful for Madhesh.

 But there was also pressure from the people to go to the polls only after making amendments in the constitution?

Madheshi people have believed as the constitution to be amended and their issues also to be addressed but they know that it was not possible. Because the major three parties intentionally do not want amendment in the constitution.


Earlier, there was uncertainty for going to the election as constitution was not amended but now the path has been cleared. Not?

Yes, Madhesi parties have not pressure from any sections. But earlier there was pressure on them to join the election process.


If the Province 2 election was held in second phase and Madhesi parties jointly contested the election, what was the situation?

I am absolutely convinced that the situation should have well. If Provonve 2 election was held in the second phase, no one had to go to the other party. Everyone had to vote from their own party.


Since three months, RJP-Nepal asked they would not take part in the election unless the constitution is amended. But they suddenly changed their view and decided to join the election, why? 

In the first phase, Upendra Yadav became criticized. He argued that the three major parties would not amend the constitution anyhow so there is the need to go to the election. But RJP-Nepal did not believe him. But today, his idea and argument become correct. The RJP-Nepal follows Upendra Yadav's path of election.


Does Upendra Yadav look more visible than other leaders?

Absolutely, he becomes foresight than the leaders of RJP-Nepal. He was also accused when his party decided to go to the election without the constitution amendment.


Is Madhesi parties' decision to participate in the election correct without amending the constitution?

I clearly say that going to the polls is the only thing in itself. The problem is solved by election. If you go to the election, you will be afraid to lose your village from municipalities and territories. My idea is that the Madhes parties should come to the polls to strengthen the future movements.


Published Date : 11 September, 2017, Monday . 


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