Does elections as part of struggle for RJP-Nepal

Kathmandu, 11 September, 2017 : The Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has decided to utilize election as part of the struggle for rights.

Making public its election manifesto for the upcoming local level election being held in Province No 2 on Sept 18, the party has decided to take the election both as opportunity and challenge. During a press conference attended by senior leaders of the party including its coordinator Mahath Thakur, presidium member of the party, Rajendra Mahato said, “Our party is participating in the election as per people’s aspiration. This election itself is a struggle. We’ve accepted it as a challenge. Participating in the election is to honour people’s mandate.”

Leader Mahato argued the Madhes agitation was caused by the weakness of big three political parties. RJPN will accept the election results, he added.
Responding to a query relating to party’s expected result in the election, he said, “We expect all victory in our favour, but voters are the determinants. So, we accept it without any reservation.” The party in its manifesto has mentioned that it would continue its struggle for the constitution amendment even after the election.

The manifesto has further claimed that Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Nepal Loktantrik Forum party were individualistic and self-centered, which tarnished image of Madhes and shadowed Madhes issues. At a time election fever has gripped Province No 2, the RJPN leaders are still in the capital city. Similarly, influential leaders of the party have been defecting to different parties following the internal dispute, which is likely to dent the election result.
The RJPN is the party merged out of various six splinters advocating for Madhes issues. The major battle as in the previous elections is with the big parties as Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and the CPN (Maoist Centre).
The party has put the development of Birgunj in its top priority, thereby making it a smart city. It has incorporated various local problems as of irrigation, livestock, fertilizers, campaign against dowry system.

RJP-N's manifesto

RJP-Nepal has made a scathing criticism of the CPN (Maoist Centre), rather than the CPN-UML which its leaders and cadres have been flaying for the party’s “anti-Madhes” stance, in the newly united force’s election manifesto.

In the document, the RJP-Nepal has accused the Maoist Centre of killing 52 Madhesi activists including Ramesh Mahato during the Madhes Andolan.

The RJP has also held the former rebel force responsible for widespread impunity, corruption, insecurity and the state of chaos and conflict in the country.

“Since the Maoist Centre believes in an authoritarian rule, the party’s main character is anti-federalism,” the party manifesto states.

The party also charges three major parties with transforming the agenda of federalism and inclusiveness into “exclusion” and “centralisation” to serve their interests.

On other Madhes-based parties including the Sanghiya Samajbadi Forum Nepal and the Nepal Loktantrik Forum, the RJP says they were engaged in self-centred activities in ways to “tarnish the image of Madhes”.

The manifesto advocates conservation of forests and the Chure region and urges the Chure Tarai Madhes Conservation and Development authority to check degradation of rivers caused by haphazard mining of sand and gravel.

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