Local polls another form of Madhesh movement : Sukeshwor Pathak

Senior Journalist and Political Analyst

 How do you see the third-phase local elections that are happening now?


It is a local level of election. This is another form of movement for Madhesh. Therefore, Madheshi people depend on what kind of mandate for Madhesh's demand.


RJP- Nepal, who boycotted two phases of local elections and currently participating in the election, how does it look?


During the local level election in two phases, six Madheshi parties started unification. RJP-Nepal hoped from the government it will amend the constitution. But as the government failed to amend the constitution, the RJP-Nepal has only option either to take part in the election or revive the movement. The demand would not have been completed only by the street movement. So I feel that they have taken the third phase of election as a movement.


It is positive or negative as RJP-Nepal participated in the election without the constitution amendment?


Principally, the RJP-Nepal's decision to take part in the election without the constitution amendment cannot be taken as a positive. The huge Madhesh movement was held on the appeal of Madhesi parties. General Madheshi people supported the movement. So they would not have to go to the polls. RJP-Nepal already boycotted the two phases of elections. Politically it was correct. But there was no other alternative for the party to take part in the elections. It was not possible to stop the third round of election on the appeal of RJP-Nepal. Principally, it should not have participated in the election. But practically, the decision was relevant. Because boycotting the last and final phase of election would only damage the existence of the party. Thus, it is mature decision of RJP-Nepal for going to the election. It is good to go to the third-phase elections, but what kind of support of Madhesi people now is the only way forward.


Who will see the main scandal over failure of the constitution amendment?


The UML seems to be the major factor for the failure of constitution amendment. RPP also voted against the amendment bill. The bill should have endorsed if UML supported. Although UML can be considered as a major factor but Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Center were also responsible for the failure of the bill. During the movement, the UML presented as anti-Madhes. Therefore, the UML itself was frustrated but CPN Maoist Center and Congress also have the same restriction.


When the third phase election was approaching, Congress-Maoist coalition government brought a bill to amend the constitution and it was unsuccessful, did the Congress do it to be self-sufficient in Madhes?


Nepali Congress has done this by considering the elections. Even earlier, Maoist's ruling government has done same. At that time, the bill should have also failed. Just before the third round of election, Deuba-led government also brought the bill by keeping in mind that his party is positive for Madesh. It was Congress tactics to show Madhesh as it is in favor of Madhesh on the name of amendment bill.


Congress-Maoist-led government gathered two-thirds majority for making the government but has not got sufficient majorities for amendment of the constitution?


This is lack of honesty. If they have honesty and loyal to Madhesh, they would had amended the constitution very earlier. But on the name of constitution amendment the major three parties have fulfilled their vested interests. Now they all have accepted the weakness of constitution and agreed to amend it. This was due to the Madhes movement and it was positive side of RJP-Nepal.


 What are the challenges for the RJP-Nepal as it shown participation in the election?


 The RJP-Nepal was formed with unification of six Madheshi parties. But the party has not got sufficient time for the elections. After the unification, the party participated in the election within few times. Even the six Madhesi parties united but there is lack of emotional unification among the top leaders to local cadres. The grave dissatisfaction was seen during the candidates' selection for the third round of elections. RJP-Nepal also has taken the election as a form of movement and the people have also mood of movement. At present local level, if the RJP-Nepal cannot survive its existence, it is politically unfavorable.



Published Date : 18 September, 2017 Monday . 

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