UML already swept away from Madhesh - Manish Suman

General Secretary, RJP-Nepal

How do you see the election result of Province 2?
This result does not give us much pleasure but also has no discouragement. Overall, there is a place to be satisfied. In particular, Madesh has given a message during the second Constituent Assembly of 2070 that Madeshi parties should unite. Although we have made such attempt by uniting six Madheshi parties but it is not sufficient.

Before the election, RJP-Nepal claimed to be the first in Province 2 but it is now seen in the third number, how do you look it?
It has not been concluded RJP-Nepal has got the third position as the vote counting still continued. But there is possibility that the party will secure at least the second position. Even Nepali Congress expected more seats as it got now. The defeat of major political parties was due to their weakness and cheating in Madhesh. In the context of the current local elections, the situation of Nepali Congress in Madhes has come to an end. Similarly CPN Maoist Center is also in same situation. UML has already swept away from Madhesh. The position of RJP-Nepal as third is not very bad as the party participated in the election within four months just after its unification. We selected the candidates within only 11 days just after declaring to go to the polls. Other side, the election symbol was not also finalized. In over all, the party did not get sufficient time for election preparations.
We united the party and we also concluded party’s name, flag, election symbol as well as other logistic issues. But we have still to unite the ideologies. Even still there is internal conflict among some leaders. Some responsible leaders quit the party on the eve of election. Nepali Congress and CPN Maoist Center got more seats in the election as they made a long-term financial move. Due to financial movements, these parties have able to bring some seats. The leaders and cadres of RJP-Nepal could not afford to economically.

Does RJP-Nepal satisfy with current election result?
It is not a matter of displeasure. It was not as good as it seemed to be better than that. If RJP-Nepal and the Federal Socialist Forum had given the joint candidacy, we should have won most of seats in Madhesh. People had also asked us to go together but Upendra Yadav did not ready. If two parties jointly participated in the election, we become the first in Madhesh.

What are the main reasons why expected result should not come?
First reason is the financial crisis. Our candidates were not able to spend money like Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist Center. We proceeded to follow the code of conduct given by the Election Commission. Other side, just within four months of party unification, most of senor leaders left the party. Likewise, we have also not sufficient time for elections preparations. Despite of general complication, the people trusted us. They believed us. That’s why RJP-Nepal success to bring more than 20 seats.

What do the people give a message through this election in Province 2?
The people of Province 2 have given their vote in favor of change. The people clearly asked that this constitution is incomplete and it wants change. They also asked the country that issues of Madhes are strong and for making them stronger, Madheshi parties should be integrated. The people also ordered that the democratic front and the rest of the parties also should be united. We can do the development of Madhes.

So what could happen if the Federal Socialist Forum and the RJP-Nepal participated in Province 2 election together 2?

The situation would have been good if we were cooperated each other. Even if the unification could not be done, the situation would have been created even when the alliance was forged. So even if we were united by compromising, it could have been good.


Published Date : 25 September, 2017 Monday. 

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