No Madheshi leaders honest for Madhesh issues :Abhishek Pratap Shah

Leader, Nepali Congress

Why have you left the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal where you spend many years?
In today, the situation in the country is holding any king of political ideology. In our country there is a democratic and communist pole and as I am for democratic force so I am dedicate for that.

Do people believe in the election if you contest from Congress?
People trust the leader. So far nothing has done wrong. Honesty in politics is the biggest wealth. I have earned that wealth so the people trust me. They also trusted in past and in coming days too.

Looking the current political situation, most communist parties seem to be united and how can the politics of would take course?
Due to poverty in Nepal, people are often given priority to communist ideology. But communist ideology could not work in any country. In such situations, communist is only confusing the people and spreading illusions.

UML, CPN Maoist Center and New Force have united and made strong left force. What is your opinion in it?
When the country becomes in indecision, leaders who consider themselves weak, they go and join together. Let’s see how relevant the left alliance. The communist ideology is only good when speaking to the public but in practice; it does not have significant as it always rule on the people. By birth, Nepalese people are a community of democratic ideology.

Why did you have entered Nepali Congress?
The Nepali Congress is a democratic party. The Nepali Congress has history. I have a family relation with Congress. The main reasons why I selected Congress are my family background. Whether the country has any ideas or whether communist or ultra communist, it should be strengthened by the party who has been taking a democratic ideology to consolidate that which is why I have chosen Nepali Congress.

Now the election of provincial assemblies and Representative Assembly has come near, so you entered the Congress in eve of the election. Now, how people believe you and Congress?
There have been many bases for the people to believe. People know that the Congress has started to amend the constitution. Congress is only a party that focuses on everything either the voice of Madhes, indigenous nationalities or any communities, Congress listens everyone. Due to this reason, finally I have chosen Nepali Congress. Also the public is confident for Congress.

You are the leader of politics by taking Madhesh issue. You served in Forum Nepal and now joined the Congress. While understanding the two parties, what is the major guilty of not having an implementation of agreements with Madhesh?
Madheshi leaders have also made an agreement with CPN Maoist Center and UML, not only with Congress. It seems that no Madheshi leaders honest for Madhesh issues. Madheshi issues have fallen at risk due to these Madheshi leaders. Let’s see the history of the past 20 years. The leader who did politics for Madhesh 20 years ago have fine financial situation currently. It is now necessary to analyze the status of Madheshi leaders.

When the Congress, UML and CPN Maoist issued the constitution, you had opposed when you was in Forum Nepal. Now you are in the Congress, and how you have to accept the constitution that you have opposed in the past?

I have not accepted the constitution even when I came to the Congress. I also demanded the referendum to see the acceptance of this constitution. The people to decide either it will be forwarded or to make another constitution. I always say that even Madheshi, indigenous nationalities have not accepted this constitution. Thus, to make this constitution all-acceptable, it should also be initiated from within the party and outside the party.

What were your pre-conditions before entering the Congress?
I have not put forth any condition. I have been honestly in the party.

Published Date : 9 October, 2017  Monday .

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