List of proportional representation should be corrected : Brikesh Chandra Lal

Deputy Chairperson, RJP-Nepal

The RJP-Nepal has recommended the list of candidates for the proportional representation category so how it is preparing for the first-past-the-post category?

There is no such thing in the form of officially. A separate alliance was formed between RJP-Nepal and Federal Socialist Forum. We agreed for contesting 50 percent of the constituencies together. If possible, we would fight in united manner also in other places. Even dialogues are under also with NC for the democratic alliance. Because of the current election, the Federal Socialist Forum should also nominate and decide for it and Congress too is not able to move forward so we do not hold serious talk yet. But our talks are continued and we too decide very soon.


On the name of proportional representation category, a serious dissatisfaction was seen inside the party. How do you take it?


There are several friends and aspirants for proportional representation category and it is quite impossible to put all’s names. It is an important part that the current constitution has made the Khas community also mandatory. Although the percentage of the population of this Khas community is also arranged in the law, the Election Commission has made it mandatory through the directory. Therefore, the names should be taken from all the communities and the ethnic community made by law. Women also need to include the ratio of the number of women and men and also nominated under the proportional system. By concluding all these things, our leaders have made lists of names and there is time to correct it.



Party youth leaders are sitting stage for three days, and how does this take place in the proportional list, even those who are not including party members?


I came to know through media and social networks that they were sitting a stage as why they are doing. I do not know for whom they are objecting. On what basis you can say that no one is including a member of the party. Now six parties have been integrated and they are affiliated with some party. I think it is better to hold talk with presidium members of party rather than sitting a stage.
So it should not be appropriate just sit a stage. It is not a process of evaluation. If there is any objection to anything else to dispute about it, then they can meet with presidium members and resolve the issues in a broad way.
There is allegation that the people who have not heard the name have been brought to the party?
Some are working for the party without taking the posts. When thinking of a little more serious, I have not seen how this leader was, how to make a decision about how the name came to the election.


Are you satisfied about the name list of proportional representation category?
I am not satisfied with this and also not dissatisfied. Because I was not involved for select the name of candidates. Presidium members took the decision and it should be corrected if necessary. The top leaders thought very serious while recommending the names. Even if I have also some dissatisfaction, I should have to consider it clearly with the presidium members.




Published Date : 23 October, 2017 Monday. 


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