Pahadi leaders ignored in the party : Pesal Dhakal, General Secretary, RJP-Nepal

The leaders of the party were sitting stage against the list of proportional representation candidates. Why have not the problem solved within the party?

The party’s presidium members would solve the problems. Whenever the issues we raised was for to make the party stronger and make the party democratic as well. The RJP-Nepal comes here by struggling. According to the recognition of the public’s feelings, our campaign is to bring the party strong. But if a ticket was given to the people who were not members of the party, when choosing the candidate and never heard the party, where would the honest, capable worker in the party go?

What Chairperson told when you were sitting stage and given the ultimatum?

If the party is to be strengthened, then it should solve this problem. I think that they will solve the problem by discussing themselves.

Before sitting the stage, did you talk with coordinator about yours demands and issues?
In fact, we want to make the party democratic. We all believe that honest workers should not be separated from the party. Unless the party can be kept away from power and greed, the party cannot become strong. It is a party made by the people, not by the leader.

You suspected the name of such people who listed as the proportional representation candidates and they did not hear earlier. So you have list of such names?

There are many people whose names have never heard in the party. We know that who struggled and contributed for that party. So the name that is inserted in the party does not even benefit the party. Therefore, the leaders should not sell Madheshi people to the market.

How many have you found that they are not even ordinary member of the party?

About 4-5 people have seen this. We will go to the Election Commission and bring the list.

The party has given ticket to one who is not the general member due to lack of qualified leadership or the party ignored capable leaders?

In fact, the leadership of the party ignored the capable leaders while selecting the candidates. There are also many leaders who are capable for getting the ticket. The dissatisfaction occurs while bringing them who are not capable for candidates.

There are also leaders from hills in the party but they did not prefer?

Yes, there are also leaders from hills. But they are ignored and it is not good. The party cannot be organized like this way.

The errors that were seen in the past could be resolved or still to sort out?
Something is better than the past. However, same trend has still continued. If we did not have such tendency, we would not have to go fight. Our goal is to improve the party.



Published Date : 30 October, 2017 Monday . 

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