Country's institutionalization is my commitment : Rameshwor Ray Yadav

Leader, CPN Maoist Center and Candidate from Sarlahi-3

The country has already entered in the elections. But what is your view about the recently held three phases of local level polls?

 The country wants to change now, the country is moving towards change. Previously, discriminations, movements started and there was a great deal of mass destruction in Madhes but there was no achievement work on the damages. Therefore, issues related to Madhes should be resolved through national level by national parties.

I have also changed the commitment made by the Maoists and the Maoist's commitment and according to the commitment, the Maoists have been asked by the common people. Madhesi parties are expected to bring issues of Madhesh to the Maoist's changing principles and the Maoists demand that the people also want to take the issues of Madhes institutionally and take them together. Therefore, even in the local elections, the Maoists had occupied a good place and will still keep that place.


 You are the Maoist leader, and how should you explain the votes taken by the Maoist party in the local level elections?

Madhesism should be taken at national level and Madhes problems have problems of the country and it should be resolved.

I have taken forward the issues of Madhes, I have had time for my life to have an anti-discrimination movement and build a parallel society. I have chosen the Maoist to resolve the problems of Madesh while still continuing it.

Confirming, all problems are solved by Maoist institutionally. The Maoist is trying to build a parallel society. I believe that Maoists are trying to solve the problem by bringing two-thirds votes from the coalition alliance to resolve Madhesh's problems in the changed environment.

What is your opinion about the election alliance of CPN Maoist Center and UML?
In particular, the Maoists are trying to address with the issue related to Madhesh. NC is confused as it is failed how to resolve Madhesh' issues as it is alone. In this situation, Maoists have been forced to resolve the problems of Madhesh by extending support to a big power like UML and flexibility in Madhes issue and constitutional amendments. Madhesi people, not only me, believe that the left alliance will address Madhesh's problems by two-thirds and solve the solution.

Some have said that CPN Maoist Center has been aligned with UMK after getting bad result in the local polls. What is the reality behind it?

In the days ahead, UML Congress has been playing its own. Seeing the expressions of the past is certainly seen anti-Madhesh. But, in the present changed, the Maoist is also a major component of the left alliance.

Not only in the context of Madhes, the Left alliance cannot go ahead in the long run until the UML is flexible and supports Madhesh's issues by supporting the Maoist's views, for the development and change of the whole country.


What was the electoral experience with the voters when you went through the Maoist party leaders?

When I entered the society as a Maoist, I did not see the following day, as the people of the Madhesi Party, I knew in the society, the common people had the place to believe. Now as a big party, I can institutionalize the issues of Madhes, the belief that Madhes's problems can be resolved in the public.

What was the reason as you got the ticket from Sarlahi-3 as there wer several aspirants from CPN Maoist Center?

 I was trying hard to make Madesh issue as the national level issue.

The problem of Madhes is the national level problem, till Madhesh's problem is not taken as the national problem, I have already entered the Maoist by taking the idea that the country cannot move forward. I am not only the candidate for my presence, and my past days have passed in the movement of Madhesh. I came here to resolve Madhesh issues. The party has given me a ticket with confidence that this problem can be shown nationwide. I will use this with the Maoists to take along with the Madhesi and mountain which has the pit and will show them the bridge between the problems and problems of the entire masses.


What are your election agendas for the people of Sarlahi-3?

 I do not have any new agendas now. As in the past, the steps I raised for Madhes, are exactly the same. I have just changed my banner. In the past, I raised the issues through the small party but now I would rise through the big party. After joining the CPN Maoist center, the new agenda has not made and the same agenda has been raised from the party's banners. I am about picking up agenda and completing the new agenda.

Now the country is going through the transition period. There is no state of development infrastructure but now you have come as people's representative of this area.


What is your commitment to the people?

My commitment is to be first institutionalizing the country due to which, there is no emotionally integrated status. It is a belief that a large group is not believing that this is our nation. Creating an atmosphere to the public is the belief that the country is ours and is working for us. This is our first priority.


Published Date : November6, 2017. Monday. 


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