Political Chameleons (Editorial)

Come elections, the political chameleons make headlines. They create a sensation by deserting their own parties and joining the rival ones. Their party bosses are shocked at the volte-face of their functionaries. Such scenes offer cheap entertainment to the commoners during the heated moments of poll.
Political observers are at sixes and sevens owing to their mercurial character and action. It becomes hard to examine the conduct of such chameleons through the prism of political ideology. These people have remained committed to their previous parties for years. They publicly profess to follow the principles and policies of the parties they were associated with. But, they kicked their parties in moments when their electoral ambition is shattered. Many of them had already enjoyed the post of ministers and lawmakers provided by their former parties.
Every party is infested with the apostates. Look at some of the guys, who gave a jolt to their parties after learning that they were not going to be awarded the election tickets. Irony is that new parties instantly roll out red carpet for them with the lucrative offer.
UML former lawmaker Mohan Singh Rathaur was immediately granted an election ticket by the Nepali Congress (NC) after he quit his party. He used to harbour strong anti-NC posture but he joined it which does not share a modicum of his ideology.  Former Deputy Speaker Ganga Narayan Yadav joined the UML one day after the Legislature-Parliament was dissolved. The then Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal elected him to the post of Deputy Speaker but he ditched it after the UML decided to include him in the list of PR candidates.
MJF-Loktantrik chair Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar returned to his old party, NC, after sensing that his party is unlikely to secure minimum votes to be qualified as the national one. So was the case with its co-chair Rameshwor Raya Yadav, who joined the Maoist Centre to seal his political fate.
Billionaire Binod Chaudhary has now become a PR candidate from the NC. He was a UML lawmaker under the PR category in the first CA. Industrialist Motilal Dugad has made to the PR list of UML. Singer Komal Oli had quit RPP and joined the UML with a hope of getting the ticket in the election. But she was denied the ticket to her big chagrin. She revolted against her new party and filed her candidacy as an independent. Finally, she withdrew her candidacy at the request of UML leaders. Her political drama is not only interesting but also puzzling.
The chameleons shift their allegiance for the sake of post and power in a jiffy. The neophytes hijack the position of devoted leaders, who have spent their entire career and energy for their parties. This creates very odd situation. For example, the NC has awarded the tickets to controversial figures such as Ganesh Lama, Minkrishna Shrestha and Sunil Sharma but not to the leaders like Dhanraj Gurung, Gururaj Ghimire, Kalyan Gurung and Badri Pandey, who have maintained clean image during their long political innings.


published Date : 13 November, 2017, Monday

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