State discriminates Madhesh for its development : Upendra Yadav

Chairperson, Federal Socialist Forum, Nepal

How much you are busy for the elections as it is coming nearer?

Off course, I am busy in election campaigns. The work of publicity is increasing further.


What are the problems in your area from where you are contesting the elections and how are you identified them?

Saptari is a very backward district. It is a district where no industries, no resources for good hospitals, clean drinking water, healthy environment and others resources. If you go to rural area of Saptari, that looks like remote. The party has sent me here to develop this area.


MPs were also elected in the first, but why did that area not grow?

Saptari district is not only facing entire lack of infrastructures and development but whole Madhesh is in same ratio. There are two reasons why these areas are not developed. The first is the discrimination in everything by the state and the never thought for development of Madhesh. Other thing is also that Madhesh could not get the right leadership who struggled for the development. But Madhesh is ignored by the state time and again.


You told that the remote areas of Madhesh are most undeveloped. For this only state is responsible or others also?

The state is major responsible for the non-development of Madhesh. If the state had invested, it would have been developed. The state never thought to develop Madhesh and thus it did not invest here. If you look at the north of Madhesh, it is another place. But Madhesh looks like hell. People are forced to live in the backwardness. By facing these challenges we are now going to move the development into speed.

This is the main challenge to further the campaign for the struggle of the people of Madhesh, their rights, equality, recognition of national identity, proportional inclusion and territorial prosperity and autonomy.


What the people of Saptari-2 have given priority?

The conscious people want the development. They need their rights. It means the people wanted both rights and development.

What are the reasons why Rajbiraj Municipality should be declared as metropolitan city?

Rajbiraj Municipality has made hell more than municipalities. It should not like municipality.

We have to start it at the beginning, to further increase the speed of development, to improve the resources, to increase investment in other areas, to achieve the rights of the people there.


You asked that the state does invest in Madhesh but it is investing equally in the mountains and Terai, but why did not it develop?

If you see past budgets, only 14 percent of the budget has been distributed for the Madhesh where there is half the population living. In Madhesh, there are more than 76 percent sources of resources.  Whereas there is a possibility of development, the government has allocated minimum budget.


You said the state allocated the low budget in Madhesh, but the same budget has also been utilized?

The use of the budget is not going anywhere. The state promoted corruption in organized manner. Here democracy has been used by corrupt persons. So its effect is in all parts of the country. The leaders of corrupts rule from Singhdarwar.


Regarding the rights of the state, what is the authority given to the voters in this state while holding Madhesi party?

Nepal is the only federalism in Nepal. The name of federalism has been decentralized. Unless the autonomy in the state comes, the people do not get enough good governance. The public does not have the right to self-determination, the autonomous state; the right is not the state. The federalism system of Nepal is just the shell and he inside material is concentrated on unitary. No more authority has been given to the local level. Such federal system is found to be incorrectly enforced and unsuccessful, and conspiracy to eliminate federalism.


Why electoral alliance was not forged with Nepali Congress?

We left the Congress in some districts and the Congress also left us in one district. But in Saptari-2 from I am contesting the polls; Congress candidate did not withdrew his candidacy. Even I hoped he would support me. The most important part, the Congress could not take generous policy.


Published Date : November 13, 2017, Monday . 

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