Unless issues are addressed, we would not join the government : Satya Narayan Mandal

Deputy Chairperson, RJP-Nepal

What did the RJP-Nepal get from all three levels of polls?
This mandate of elections says that now the state should address the issue of Madhesh issues which our party has raised since the beginning. This was also a mandate that all of our issues of Madhes should be amended through the amendment in the constitution.


How much you confident that the constitution would be amended in coming days?
Half the population of the country is living in Madhesh. The problem of country would not solve even solving the problems of the half of the population. The current situation in the country is that the problem of Madesh must be resolved. The second constitution amendment was presented in the past. Even though CPN (UML) opposed the amendment proposal but now it has also felt that the constitution should be revised. The country cannot have economic, social and political change without addressing the issue of Madhesh. The country cannot move towards industrial development because the country cannot go ahead without peace. According to the statement given by the CPN-UML in the present situation, UML, CPN Maoist Center and Congress all together address the issues of Madhesh. We are completely optimistic in it.


In the recently held elections, the left alliance garnered the majority exercising for making the government. Could the RJP-Nepal support the government of the left alliance?
The majority of the coalition forces have gathered but the coalition alliance has not yet collected. It is still not clear that party unification between UML and CPN Maoist Center will happen or not which was announced before the election.
Actually, whether there is no majority of the Maoists or not with UML but the key is with the Maoist. The Maoists is capable to form the government by collecting majority with other parties and also making the government together with the UML. So no one can say that the left alliance is now formed the government. If the power sharing issue between UML and Maoists have not settled then the majority of the government cannot formed by the left alliance even they gathered the majority. If the UML-Maoist alliance cannot form the government, then Maoists can form the joint government with the RJP, the Forum and the Congress.


If left alliance-led government is formed, does your party support?
We have fought for Madhesh issue. 126 people got martyrs in different movements of Madhesh. If the left alliance addresses the issue of Madhesh and amend the constitution, we support it. But if does not try to address the issues and resolve our problems, we do not support.

If left alliance assures Madheshi parties, then?
In the past, CPN Maoist Center-led government had presented constitution amendment bill in the parliament by making a written agreement. There was also our support in that time. Due to UML’s protest, two-thirds could not reach and the constitution amendment bill was not passed. If the government of left alliance is formed and committed for the constitution amendment by making an agreement, definitely we would support this government.


If a written agreement is drafted, does RJP-Nepal go to the government?
We do not go to the government until our issues are addressed. Unless our issue is addressed through the constitution amendment, we would not join the government even if there is written agreement to support the government.


How much time do you give the ultimatum, how long should the constitution be revised?
It is decided only after the official decision of the party.


Regarding the consensus, UML, Maoist or Congress will amend the constitution?
Since BS 2042, the state has been deceiving us. The state has been dealing with various types of contracts, agreements and deals and deceiving us.

What should we do now? We have two options- one, we should compel the government to make the constitution amendment in the form of a peaceful way to deal with the government and address the issues of Madhesh and other we need to fight again, but we have not reached on that stage. Because Madheshi wants to get the rights, even as the non-Madheshi rights have been given in this country. Therefore, we have expected that peacefully address our demands from them. But if our demands are not addressed peacefully, another option is already opened for us.


Many disputes are raised in your party and still there is a serious dispute. What is the reason of dispute now?
The present dispute is related over the list of proportional representation of provincial assembly votes received and repeatedly asked by the Election Commission for its correction. The list has not yet been recognized by the Election Commission. If we change the list according to the Election Commission, then the basis of inclusion should be ended. There is a population of different castes in Madhesh and everyone is represented there. That’s why we sent the list but the Election Commission and the RJP-Nepal have controversy because of the Election Commission has not yet been accepted our list.


Recently, the sixth meeting of Nepal-India EPG meeting has concluded, how much it help for strengthening the Nepal-India relationship?
The treaty of 1950 reached between Nepal and India. There are various types of protests coming in this regard in Nepal. The EPG meeting also directed that the treaty should be widely modified and India is also open. I think that India is also positive for reviewing the treaty of 1950. But I do not think that there are any articles to be needed to amend in the treaty of 1950. We have roti-beti relations with India. We have 60-70% of import-export business with India. So we have also political and economic ties with India. We have a loss from India’s political-economic opposition. Therefore, we should keep cordial and harmonious ties with India.


 Published Date : 22 January, 2018 Monday. 

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