No one can spoil Nepal-India relations - Chanda Chaudhary

Chairperson, Nepal-India Women-friendly Society

India has celebrated the 69th Republic Day. How should Nepali people take the Republic Day of India?
Nepalese people should also take the Republic Day of India as a day of joy because India is the closest friendly nation of Nepal. Nepal has been helping all kinds of changes in the freedom struggle in India and there is India’s huge support in the movement and political changes in Nepal as well. Therefore, there is also a happy time for Nepali people.


How important is the Indian republic day in Nepal?
The Republic Day of India has a great significance. Nepal is getting 70 years of relationship with India. Also India is celebrating the 69th Republic Day.


What message should Nepal take from Republic Day of India?
There is unstable politics in Nepal. The country has gone to federalism. There is a lot of work to arrange for the federal structure. In Nepal, the republic has already arrived in India. We should learn lessons from India. Republic has already been established in India. India has gone on the path of development and prosperity. We also need to move forward.

How has the relationship between Nepal and India taken?
Relationship between Nepal and India is not only political. No one had made the relation between Nepal and India. Nobody can spoil such relations. There is a link between the people-to-people between Nepal and India. Since ancient times we have a relations. So no one can break this relationship. No one can weaken. Nepal and India have strong relations. There is people-to-people cordial relation. There is a religious and cultural relationship between the two countries.

How should a government to move forward to strengthen the relationship between Nepal and India?
For this, the government should work to exchange experiences between different sides. Intellectuals, women, youths should also exchange experiences in each other’s country. What is good in India, for this, it is necessary to understand by visiting India. There is a need for bilateral visits between two countries. There is a need for interactive activities between stakeholders between Nepal and India. This makes the relationship between the two countries even better. Our organization Women Friendship Society organized various interactive activities programs. Also, there is also a need for provincial trips between the two sides for the experience of state-run operations in the country whereas the country is going on.


From time to time, there has been comment about relations between Nepal and India. How has it taken?
Some people have done such work. Of course it does not affect the relationship. Talking to anyone, relations between Nepal and India do not break. That means that no one is able to speak by blaming and speaking.


It is also accused that India is interfering with different issues?
What does interference mean? When there is any problem in Nepal, naturally, India shows interest. We have a open border. Therefore, there is a problem with either of the two countries, and another country is concerned about showing concern. It cannot be said interference. It is natural to consult with neighbor.


How it should be taken India’s support for Nepal’s development?
It must be taken in a positive manner. India has been helping in various fields of education, health, and health in Nepal. India also supported for construction of road, school etc. Not only this, India has been giving the incredible means of ambulances to Nepal on 15 August and 26 January. Besides, India has been giving scholarship to Nepalese students every year. The last time the scholarship is increasing. It should be taken positive. It’s a moment of pleasure. I urge India to help Nepal further.


How Nepal-India Women Friendship Society celebrated the Republic Day of India?
We organized training programs focused foe women in Sarlahi and Mahottari. Then there is a goal to organize training in Chitwan in February. It has been completed in Bhaktapur under the scheme of training in four districts. In addition, we also organized cultural programs in Gaur of Rauthat. We have been conducting various programs for the women of rural areas.


How much women benefited from the program organized by your organization?
Our organization has completed four years and entered the fifth year. There are many programs organized in this period. There have been various programs for women’s empowerment. In addition, we have also been doing programs including interaction and experience exchanges.



Published Date : 29 January, 2018, Monday 

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