Madheshi parties to join left government for benefits : Upendra Jha

Political analyst

How do you look at the political situation now?
Three level elections have been completed. But I think that after the formation of the Provincial Assembky, the dominant political party strengthened this three-fold election ahead. It would have been better to achieve better results than the constituencies’ forwarded for the elections within their constituency. It seems like the dominant politics has shown its discrimination, it seems that the state has suffered a lot of losses.

How do you see the current role of Madhesh-based parties demanding amendment of constitution?
 It seems that the Madhesh-based parties talking about the constitution amendment, this thing was raised unnaturally and unhealthy because the amendment of constitution had been removed from the process. The amendment was up before that, Madhesi parties struggled with their stand and that conflict has ended. Madhesh’s agenda has also been eradicated. From where, they came to elections without conditions. The RJP-Nepal and and the Federal Socialist Forum, both of them have left Madhes’s agenda, and now with the aim of how to run the party. The issue of Madhes has been removed from their hands.
The constitution which they celebrated as black day, finally they surrendered and participated in the elections.
This is a tragic thing and nothing more than to bury the fact that the constitution amendment.

 You say Madheshi parties surrendered to the constitution, but how?

Leaving the agenda is surrendered. After the declaration of the constitution, the black day was celebrated, but later what situation was created as these Madhesi parties participated in the elections without any conditions. Why they boycotted the first and second phase of local level elections and finally participated in the third phase of election? These things show that they have surrendered.

 But according to RJP-Nepal it has not been a great achievement to confirm that 60 percent rejected the constitution accepted by 90 percent?

It’s nothing. It is just surrender after the things that are excluded. It was also surrendered because they did not say why they are going to the polls.

 Now the strong hold of Madheshi parties in Province 2, what should they do first-going for amending the constitution or to make the government?
 Regarding how to establish it and how to make the provincial government and how to implement it in the direction of implementation, the issue of amendment will only be taken by the state government. Therefore, raising the amendment of this constitution is nothing more than foolishness. The state government should think about how to make stable government now, how to handle it, and how to set it up. I do not feel they would raise the point of struggle.

 In center, there is the possibility for formation of left alliance. If the left alliance-led government is formed, what role does it play to amend the constitution?
The constitution amendment is not a matter of left alliance. Here, the constitution amendment issue is taking place, as KP Oli is also telling that the constitution is incorrect, the Madhesi parties are also saying for amendments to the constitution, but all these are making the people fool.
Even Madheshi parties and UML are not clear where the constitution to be corrected or amended. It is now inevitable to amend the constitution or not. That’s why it’s just a bunch of talks. It is a matter of talk that the left alliance how to think about this Madhes or what it does, it can be seen only in the coming days.

 In the past, UML had taken hard stance on the constitution amendment but how it has been softened about it?
 It’s very meaningful. What has happened here, when the left alliance has become very strong, a democratic, force has been very weak. This is the political imbalance. In the case where political imbalance has come, in such a situation, the left government is not strong enough to move forward. This realization is also understood by the left alliance. Here, I do not let it go smoothly.
That is why Oli also said a few days ago, after saying that he want to cooperate with the future of both his government and the government of India and thus Sushma Swaraj has come here. Therefore, the political disorder that is seen in their inefficiency is also not easy. That is why the powers that becomes flexible and it is also the reason why the left coalition is flexible.

 How should Madhesi party be in the left government to be held in the center?
The Madhesi party should come to the left government. The way would be same even on the status quo. After leaving everything, there is no talk of struggle. With the left government, they would take benefits from the state. There is no possibility of the RJP-Nepal for bargaining but Forum is in favor of the left government.


Published Date : 5 February, 2018 Monday. 

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