Message of first provincial assembly meeting (Editorial)

February 4 was a historic day for Madhes. The provincial assembly’s first meeting of Province 2 was a revolutionary and historic opportunity for which Madhes had made movements three times. The federal structure was possible because of the three times of Madhes movements for federalism, identity, and inclusion, and federalism is in effect. As Madhesh was mother of federalism in Nepal, so the moment of implementation of federalism was actually golden. After the one decade of Madhesh movement, the federal rule has been implemented in the country.

All provincial assemblies meetings including Province 2 have been completed. Now all the provincial assemblies are involved in the process of making a provincial government. In this regard, the process of forming a new government has also started in Province 2. It cannot be asked about the structure of the future government and its action plan. However, the successfully completion of first meeting has given some message and on the basis of the same message, the new government to make its work and action plan.

The lack of development of physical infrastructure with the human development index has been backward. Last time political change has made many possibilities of development. So, on a matter of development, if all join hands, this Province can become a model, a beautiful and prosperous state.

For the development of Province 2, political commitment, coordination between the Center and the state government, and authority of the budget spent for development is necessary.

Speaking in the first meeting, most of the provincial assembly members promised to make Province 2 a beautiful city with an integrated. Speaking about a plan to change the face of the residents of the state, the members also agreed to cooperate with the parties. They said that Province 2 is rich in natural resources, energy, tourism, and culture as well as nature is excellent. They want to make the most beautiful, conscious and peaceful state.

There is no doubt that if there is only one of the above mentioned statements that stated can become a rich, advanced, developed, and model state. But for this there has been a need for political commitment, honesty and will power. So, wherever the state is prosperous is the responsibility of everyone stays in power or in opposition.
For that, everyone should proceed together. Parliamentary practice is in its place but joining hands needed among all.

To make infrastructure according to development, all the states should move forward. It is not necessary to put any party cap in it. Now, while the leaders of the state are determined to make the main agenda of the prosperity and development of the state, the people are expecting a rapid wave of development.
Province 2 has adequate potential for agriculture, tourism, education and industry. Now the federalism in the country should be planned by the provincial assembly to plan the development of the state. If the soil is well-planned, this state is healthy.


Published Date : 12 February, 2018 Monday . 

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