Good governance and development are in priority : Md. Lalbabu Raut

Deputy Chairperson, Federal Socialist Forum and Parliamentary Party leader of Province 2

 Are you sure you want to be the Chief Minister of Province 2?
From Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, I have been appointed as the parliamentary party leader of Province 2 and as the biggest party in this Province state so this type of estimation is normal.

 What is the discussion with RJP-Nepal being discussed about making government?
We made the election alliance during the parliamentary and provincial assembly elections.
Of course, the people’s mandate should also be the RJP-Nepal and the Forum to make joint government. We are discussing about the formation of government in Province 2.

What issues are the discussions mainly discussed between the Forum and the RJP-Nepal?
There is also a discussion on how to develop Province 2, how to make the government in Province 2 according to the people’s mandate, how to face challenges in this province and among others.

If you become the Chief Minister of the state, what will be the first priority?
 Our first priority is good governance and then development. Peace and stability will be in our priority.

How to identify the province 2?
This state is neglected from the state, harassed, discriminated with its inhabitants. This state should be developed as a model state. All of us should move with the help of everyone so to make this state a model state, we should all move together. Developing this state is a major challenge to us.
The parties who have fought for the federalism given by the Madhesh movement to this country and the federalism have got the opportunity to rule here. So we should proceed to establish this state as a model.

What are the challenges of the State 2?
We have several challenges to fight. This Province has made resources-less after entering into the federalism. People from Province 2 have been made harassed. There is not lack of infrastructure but also problems in health, education, unemployment and poorness. So this province was deprived knowingly.

 What are the sources of possibilities here?
 The industries and the factories should be operated here. All the activities here are, it is important to take care of everyone to make it effective. If these actions are done, the young people will definitely get employment opportunities.

The movement is going on in your home district with the subject of the capital of Province 2, how do you resolve it?
Nepal government has now set a temporary capital. There is a provision in the constitution of the permanent capital. The majority of the two third of the provincial assembly has the constitutional provision to set a permanent capital. Talking to everyone for the permanent capital should be kept in accordance with the situation in which place everyone is easy.

What is the current destination of the Province 2?
 The destination is the only what we are trying to do. It is our place and we should have an environment that everyone should make together. We want good governance here. We are an integral part of this country and let’s realize the people here that we do not have discrimination.

 This state is weak in education, development, roads, health. How to make it model state?
First of all, we need good governance. The state has also discriminated here. There are bureaucrats assigned by the state here. The good governance should be maintained here.


Published Date : 12 February, 2018 Monday . 

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